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    Top Marques Monaco 2018

    Posted 2018-04-19
    Today, 19th of April, the 15th edition of the Top Marques Monaco kicks off. Until the 22nd of April you can meet the who is who from the luxury industry. Rare classic cars and world premiers of supercars will be on display in the Ravel Supercar ha...
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    In less than 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h

    Posted 2018-03-22
    There is nothing better than going from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. It’s one of the most prestigious things to do, unfortunately, the opportunities are rare, but if you have the possibility, it’s the best feeling and it puts a smile on y...
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    The story behind the logos

    Posted 2018-03-20
    Did you ever wonder why Ferrari has the prancing horse or why Lamborghini has the bull as a logo? Or do you know what they mean, where they are coming from? If not, here is your chance, the following story will give you little insights of our favo...
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    Geneva Motor Show 2018

    Posted 2018-03-08
    Today, March 8th the 88th edition of the Geneva Motor Show opens their gates to welcome all the car enthusiasts who are keen to see the newest developments in the car industry. Of course, the show is full of premiers for 2018. As probably known, t...
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    The best garages on JamesEdition

    Posted 2018-03-02
    Normally when you are a car enthusiast you own more than one supercar. But then there’s the next step, you can not leave those beauties standing around. So you need to have a nice space where to but these gems. This brings us, to this list. The fo...
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    10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars in the World

    Posted 2018-02-22
    When you are a celebrity you do not only own a giant mansion or a super nice villa in the hotspots around the globe. You are also keen to have the hottest and rarest wheels you can imagine. These cars always come with a price tag, but JamesEdition...
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    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Louis Vuitton Wrapping now up for Sale

    Posted 2018-01-25
    It doesn’t come as a surprise that women are hooked on Louis Vuitton’s shoes and accessories. But what a 15-year-old kid did under the inspiration of one of the most recognizable and valuable fashion brands is both artistic and stylish, though art...
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    JamesEdition's Top 4 cars to come in 2018

    Posted 2018-01-04
    2018 is only a few days old, but it will have some awesome cars to come during this year. Some are successors, some are updates but some are also new models. Ready to be bought during this year. We will only show you our most awaited 4 cars for 20...
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    The 10 fastest Cars in 2017

    Posted 2017-12-07
    We all know there are different indicators of what makes a supercar special. Design, brand, performance and so on. Although all those indicators are quite important when it comes to supercars, this list takes a look at performance only. Let’s face...
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    JamesEdition introduces Supercar Owners Circle

    Posted 2017-11-30
    We at JamesEdition are always striving to provide our users with the most exciting events and extraordinary experiences. This is why we are particularly happy to introduce to you our new event partner the Supercar Owner Circle. The SOC is a member...