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  • Mansorycout 600x415 1365490819

    Mansory Carbon Fibre G-Couture

    Posted 2010-03-09
    Some collaborations between exotic auto tuners and fashion designers go disastrously wrong – yes, we mean you, Mr. Audigier – when the arty types get it into their heads that a Lamborghini might look good with some godawful tattoo nonsense on its ...
  • Mansorypan 1365490593

    Mansory Carbon Fibre Porsche Panamera

    Posted 2009-10-22
    The other day we noted that tuners are taking on the new Porsche Panamera as fast as they roll off the assembly line. Not one to miss out on any supercar shenanigans, Mansory has now also turned its attention to the four-door GT as a natural proj...
  • Marten49 1365490412

    Marten Debuts New Carbon Fibre Cruiser

    Posted 2009-05-08
    We readily admit to having caught the carbon fibre bug. Perhaps it will one day go the way of 8-track tapes when some new super-composite comes along, but for now we can't get enough of the stuff. Our new favorite usage is Australian yacht builder...