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  • Hublot 301 ci 8710 nr commando bang 1365490684

    Getting Dirty With Hublot Commando Bang Watches

    Posted 2009-12-10
    I see a watch like this and I just want to go play in the mud. Or maybe play soldier and run at someone with a bayonet. What ever it is, Hublot has got to be one of the top "emotional watch" players in the market today. Jean-Claude Biver, the guy ...
  • 2 camoferrari 597x381 custom 1365490493

    Misadventures in Paint, Part I: Ferrari 599 GTB Edition

    Posted 2009-08-10
    According to the dictionary, camouflaging something means to cover or paint it in order to make it blend in with its surroundings, thereby rendering it as close as possible to invisible to observers. This obviously does not apply if, #1 the objec...