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  • Venom gt ext 01 600x399 1365491019

    Meet the Hennessey Venom GT

    Posted 2010-06-16
    If you have a photographic memory, you'll recall way back in 2007 that Hennessey Performance Engineering unveiled a concept car called the Venom GT that boasted 1,000 HP clocking in at under 2,700 pounds. The rest of the world drooled over the id...
  • Cigarette bugatti 1365490992

    Discarded cigarette packs make for a dazzling Veyron

    Posted 2010-06-04
    May 31 marked the 23th World No Tobacco Day, an event created by WHO drawing global attention to the negative effects that tobacco has on personal health and on the world we live as a whole. An honourable endeavour that few sensible people will ta...
  • Bug 600x400 1365490991

    Needle in a haystack: BCA and the bargain Bugatti

    Posted 2010-06-04
    Adhering to the wonderful British tradition on naming things in overly descriptive ways, British Car Auctions (or BCA for short) have been in the business for half a century. Their very first auction in 1964 consisted of 14 cars and £2,300 in proc...
  • Bugatti veyron used blue trailer images 003 1365490758

    Light blue Veyron with matching Mercedes Atego trailer

    Posted 2010-01-29
    As if the pictured Bugatti Veyron in light blue from 2007 wasn't enough, luxury dealer van Vliet has something extra in store for you. If you're feeling squeamish after the WSJ article regarding the rather high maintenance cost of owning a Veyron,...