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    More Auction Records Broken in Arizona

    Posted 2014-01-28
    It’s no secret that the collector car market has been booming over the last few years. For certain cars, prices that shocked the world a decade ago barely got a reaction in 2013. For example, nice Ferrari Dinos barely cracked six figures in the no...
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    Auction Watch: 1966 Porsche Typ 906 Carrera Competition Coupé

    Posted 2011-08-15
    As the megabucks auctions this weekend during Monterey Classic Car Week loom large on the horizon, we bring you a break from all the ridiculously expensive Ferraris: a beautiful historic racing Porsche that seems like a steal in comparison at o...
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    Auction Watch: Rare 1928 Coventry Eagle OHV Flying-8

    Posted 2011-08-10
    What sort of motorcycle costs as much as 20 new Ducatis? A rare OHV Flying-8 made by the UK’s Coventry Eagle nearly 85 years ago. The Coventry Eagle marque began as a bicycle builder in the Victorian era, when Messrs Hotchkiss, Mayo and Meek be...
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    Porsche Family’s Private Watch Collection Comes Up for Auction

    Posted 2009-11-18
    On Dec. 2nd Bonhams will auction off 49 timepieces from the private collection of Prof. F. A. Porsche and his sons during its Fine Watches and Timepieces Sale in London. Included in the sale are watches by Eterna, Porsche Design, Rolex, Panerai, ...
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    Look At Classics!

    Posted 2009-05-04
    When did you last look at a classic car and thought that it was just what you needed in your garage? If you take more than a millisecond to answer that, then you seriously need to switch priorities. Having more than one car provides an endless arr...