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    Brothel Prince Invades Monaco

    Posted 2011-01-07
    It’s been more than a year since we last looked in on Germany’s Prinz Marcus von Anhalt, the egregious brothel magnate and faux-aristocrat who drives around in a fleet of luxury cars including a custom Louis Vuitton Rolls-Royce. Born plain old Mar...
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    Abramovich Finally Gets His Eclipse

    Posted 2011-01-04
    So what did you get for Christmas? We’re guessing not the world’s largest and most expensive yacht, unless your name happens to be Roman Abramovich. That’s right, Blohm + Voss finally delivered the 257-ft. Eclipse to his Oligarchness in time to un...
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    New Adventures in Yacht Chartering: The Savarona Sex Cruise

    Posted 2010-10-06
    $40,000 per day may seem on the high side for a yacht charter, but one enterprising Turkish businessman found a way to make it pay – until the police crashed the party. The unnamed entrepreneur chartered the world’s seventh largest yacht, the beau...
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    Poor Paul Allen, Slapped Down by 'Serene'

    Posted 2010-10-01
    Let's shed a tear for poor Paul Allen, the multi-billionaire Microsoft founder whose Espen Oeino-designed, Lurssen-built megayacht Octopus just got bumped down a place on the list of the world's largest yachts thanks to the launch of a new 134-met...
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    Back to the Future: Blohm + Voss Goes Vintage

    Posted 2010-09-27
    Blohm + Vosss is best known for building the world’s top high-tech megayachts, such as Roman Abramovich’s ever-entertaining Eclipse. Now however the famed Hamburg shipyard is turning its attention to something a little more retro. One of their new...
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    Abramovich Exaggerates – Eclipse is Smaller, Says C&N

    Posted 2010-08-23
    Camper & Nicholsons, the leading international yacht broker established in 1782, has come out with its annual Super Yachting Index evaluating the state of superyachting for the previous year. Among the features of the Index is a much-anticipat...
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    NVC 85 Y Superyacht Powered & Designed by Rolls-Royce

    Posted 2010-06-11
    U.S.-based Atlantic Yachts has contracted with Rolls-Royce’s Marine division to design and engineer a new line of superyachts dubbed the NVC 85 Y. The 85-metre craft will be built by Germany’s Nobiskrug GmbH while Atlantic's founder Paul Madden, f...
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    Blohm & Voss Design 120-Metre Exploration Yacht

    Posted 2010-02-13
    Blohm & Voss have given us a glimpse of their latest brainchild – a 120 metre exploration yacht. It marries environmental concerns with the pinnacle of luxurious refinement. It's powered by a twin diesel-electrical propulsion system that pushe...
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    Project Orca 96M by Michael Leach

    Posted 2009-11-16
    UK-based designer Michael Leach is cooking up something cyber age worthy with the famed Blohm + Voss shipyard. Dubbed Project Orca, the 96-metre megayacht is no mere pipe dream from a design school grad student; Leach's 67-metre Anna for Feadship,...