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  • Gb the blue wave front 1365491161

    Grieb & Benzinger The Blue Watch Unique Watch

    Posted 2010-11-11
    If you want a watch that embodies the finest form of classic guilloche machine engraving, you have to look no further than the work shop of Jochen Benzinger in Germany. Often working for other brands or taking unique projects as they come, a recen...
  • White dragon collage 1365490996

    Grieb & Benzinger White Dragon Watch

    Posted 2010-06-08
    With only about 100 watches leaving the Grieb & Bezinger workshop each year, the German brand has the ability to plan their unique offerings carefully. In fact, pieces like this that are part of their high-luxury collection are released with a...
  • Chronoswiss zeitzeichen v watch 1365490478

    Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen V By Benzinger Engraved Watch

    Posted 2009-07-21
    Call me old fashioned but I love watches like that are classic from a mechanical and decorative standpoint. High marks to Chronoswiss for partnering (I think once again) with master metal engraver Benzinger to create this new Zeitzeichen V watch. ...