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  • Maybach 62 1365490741

    Bentley Meets Maybach on the Streets of Moscow

    Posted 2010-01-15
    Over in Russia the oligarchs are so thick on the ground they’re literally ramming each other with the world’s most expensive automobiles. The other day a tow-tone black and silver Maybach 62 collided with a jet black Bentley Continental in midtown...
  • Mtm birkin conti gt main 630 0526 630x360 1365490424

    MTM Birkin Edition Bentley Continental GT

    Posted 2009-05-28
    German tuning house MTM captured the "world's fastest Bentley" title a few years back with their souped-up version of the Continental GT which clocked in at 331 km/h. Now they've still got bragging rights - Bentley's newest models still aren't as ...