• Messe basel 1488622083

    Baselworld 2017

    Posted 2017-03-04

    As some of you might have noticed, event season has started. With two boat events and one car show we now have someth...

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  • Sub 1365491101

    The all-new Steel Submariner - only n...

    Posted 2010-09-04

    Being a tool watch kind of guy, I like my watches to have the bare minimum of design elements and features to do the ...

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  • Omgwhite1 530x600 1365490832

    Omega releases slightly more palatabl...

    Posted 2010-03-17

    As BaselWorld starts tomorrow, the entire blogosphere has exploded with news and pictures of some of the watches that...

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  • Op 1365490776

    Oris honours jazz maharaja

    Posted 2010-02-07

    Oris is easily my favorite entry-priced alternative in the Swiss segment of the watch market. The company offers up a...

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  • Scaledmonaco 24 seduction 1365490420

    TAG, Monaco & McQueen

    Posted 2009-05-22

    One of the more interesting things to emerge from BaselWorld was TAG Heuer's new Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronogra...

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