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    A Tale of Fancy Cars

    Posted 2017-08-11
    McGregor vs. Mayweather — A Tale of Fancy Cars The upcoming bout between MMA phenomenon Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather promises plenty of excitement from the grounds of T-Mobile Arena, but which of the two combatants is havin...
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    The Grand Tour S01E13

    Posted 2017-02-03
    Past v Future Welcome back to the 13th episode of The Grand Tour: “Past v Future” is released this Friday, the 3rd of February on Amazon Prime. This week, the show comes from the United Arab Emirates, more specifically, Dubai. Here is a list of a...
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    The Grand Tour S01E02

    Posted 2016-11-29
    Operation Desert Stumble. The Grand Tour published some astonishing facts. It has cost $3.4million to produce last weeks opening scene. In total 150 cars, with a total worth of $26million, participated in the desert. Moreover, the show was grante...
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    Lambo echoes: DMC Aventador "Gargiulo"

    Posted 2011-04-16
    Unless you've been living under a very, very boring rock for the last few months then you will have caught wind of Lamborghini's latest raging bull, the Aventador. This 691 hp V12 monstrosity has been on everybody's lips since its unveiling, and t...
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    Lamborghini Unleashes the Aventador

    Posted 2011-03-08
    All hail the Aventador, Lamborghini’s new LP700-4 unveiled in the run-up to the Geneva Motor Show. Opinion is divided as to whether the €255,000 supercar is really all that different from a Reventon crossed with a Murcielago, but the prevailing se...