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    The world’s best police supercars on ...

    Posted 2017-05-12

    For a criminal there is sometimes no point in engaging in a chase, because some law enforcements have special tricks ...

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  • Porsche 911 gt3 rs 1481544189

    The Grand Tour S01E04

    Posted 2016-12-12

    Enviro-mental. Welcome back to the 4th episode of The Grand Tour: Enviro-mental is released this Friday the 9th of D...

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  • Audi s8 1480411369

    The Grand Tour S01E02

    Posted 2016-11-29

    Operation Desert Stumble. The Grand Tour published some astonishing facts. It has cost $3.4million to produce last w...

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  • Alfaromeo4c 1427724118

    Five Standouts from the 2015 Geneva M...

    Posted 2015-03-30

    Geneva is Europe’s, and arguably the world’s, premier auto show and 2015 was bigger than ever before. The 85th runnin...

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  • A8l100036 large front 150 2 600x424 1365491418

    Armoured A8's on James

    Posted 2011-08-02

    From the Panamera to the Benz, the Bentley Mulsanne to the newly released Audi A8 W12, is there anything that Armorte...

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  • Audi+r18+2 600x400 1365491203

    Audi R18 Le Mans Racer Unveiled

    Posted 2010-12-22

    “Worth the wait” hardly does it justice as Audi unveiled its much-anticipated successor to the R15 TDI Plus Le Mans w...

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  • 139903 468x550 1365491032

    Robb Report Releases 22nd Annual Best...

    Posted 2010-06-27

    The Robb Report, which is the definitive source for all things luxe (aside from James Spotting, of course), just rele...

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  • Dk 600x348 1365490962

    James' pick: Blue and yellow Donkervo...

    Posted 2010-05-19

    Whenever we bring up something Dutch on James Spotting it's more often than not a boat of some sort. Indeed, for a re...

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  • Audi2 600x449 1365490861

    James in the field: 2010 Audi A8 report

    Posted 2010-03-30

    Today, we thought we'd feature something rather unusual. JamesList cohort Douglas Damm got the opportunity to take a ...

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  • R8 homepage podolski 5 1365490645

    Pick up Prinz Poldi's Audi on JamesList

    Posted 2009-11-18

    In the luxury brokering business, discretion is a fairly well-spread axiom. Finding out who is selling a certain car,...

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  • R8spyder 1365490535

    Audi R8 Goes Topless

    Posted 2009-09-17

    At the Frankfurt Auto Show Audi will unveil the long-awaited convertible version of its R8 supercar, dubbed the R8 Sp...

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  • Dsc 0378 598x399 custom 1365490514

    Gumpert Apollo - Fastest Car on Nürbu...

    Posted 2009-08-20

    Yet again can the world  add a new record time in the books of who cares as the Gumpert Apollo Sport is now the world...

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