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    The world’s best police supercars on JamesEdition

    Posted 2017-05-12
    For a criminal there is sometimes no point in engaging in a chase, because some law enforcements have special tricks up their sleeves. It is a criminal’s nightmare to be chased down by any of the below cars. There is simply nowhere to run. Just su...
  • Aston martin db11 1480681815

    The Grand Tour S01E03

    Posted 2016-12-02
    Opera Arts and Donuts. Episode 3 of The Grand Tour: Opera Arts and Donuts is released this Friday 2nd December on Amazon Prime. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May pitch their tent in the English coastal town of Whitby. The presenters ...
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    10 Classics, Exotics and Racers Up For Grabs at Mecum Auctions, Monterey 2016

    Posted 2016-07-26
    When it comes to the classic car market, Monterey is where the big cars go and it’s where the market’s biggest players go to buy and sell them. During that much-anticipated week in August, more cars change hands for prices over a million dollars t...
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    Aston Martin Unveils Zagato-Bodied Vanquish

    Posted 2016-05-31
    Italian coachbuilder Zagato through the years has been best known for designs that could best be described as quirky and distinctive rather than particularly elegant. Cars like the Alfa Romeo SZ or the Ferrari 575 GTZ that wore Zagato bodies were ...
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    Four High-Performance Cars You Can Still Get With a Manual Gearbox

    Posted 2016-04-26
    There’s nothing quite like rowing through the gears while driving quickly, cracking off a heel-and-toe downshift right before diving into a corner, and slotting the shifter into top gear at high speed. It connects driver and car in ways that cars ...
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    Tame the beast

    Posted 2015-02-20
    Everyone who has ever been behind the wheels of a car can enjoy the marvels and indescribable sensation you get when driving that perfect strip of tarmac. However, the definition of a perfect road is incredibly vague. It can be the serpentine road...
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    The Top 5 New Cars of 2013

    Posted 2013-12-24
    2013 was quite a year for cars as well as the people who love them. Huge anniversary celebrations took place all across the world, auction records were broken at every turn, and lots of promising new technology was either introduced or improved up...
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    Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin Adore Tutti Frutti Watch

    Posted 2011-03-15
    I was hoping Hublot would be the only brand to adopt "Tutti Frutti" as a name applied to a watch. Nope. The new resurgent brand Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin chose the "festive" name for this multi-gem modeled version of its Adore watch. The Adore T...
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    Aston Martin on ice

    Posted 2011-02-08
    There’s only one way to learn how to handle a car properly and that is to be able to take it beyond the limits of your own, and the car’s, capabilities. This is best done in safe and controlled environments such as driving schools and racetracks. ...
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    Le Mans-Winning Aston Martin DBR9 for Sale

    Posted 2011-01-17
    The famed Aston Martin DBR9 that was the 2008 Le Mans GT1 class winner and fifth vehicle overall, driven by David Brabham, Antonio Garcia and Darren Turner, has been listed for sale by the UK’s Desmon J. Smail at about $1.5 million. Based on the D...