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    JamesEdition introduces Supercar Owners Circle

    Posted 2017-11-30
    We at JamesEdition are always striving to provide our users with the most exciting events and extraordinary experiences. This is why we are particularly happy to introduce to you our new event partner the Supercar Owner Circle. The SOC is a member...
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    James' pick: Gumpert Apollo Speed

    Posted 2010-05-28
    Having established itself as the fastest car around Nürburgring as well as edging out the competition around the Top Gear test track, ex-Audi Roland Gumpert had grand plans for the Apollo. You know that old saying that necessity is the mother of i...
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    Gumpert Apollo - Fastest Car on Nürburgring

    Posted 2009-08-20
    Yet again can the world  add a new record time in the books of who cares as the Gumpert Apollo Sport is now the world's fastest production car around the famous green hell, or Nürburgring as it's called in colloquial toungue. Click here if you'd l...