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  • Seiko ananta spring drive chronograph white 1365490589

    Seiko Ananta Watches Should Cut Through Any Hesitation Like A Katana

    Posted 2009-10-26
    I have seen Ananta, and it is good. Too good almost. Seiko doesn’t know what they have in their suave new collection of high-end Japanese mechanical wrist watches. For them, the attractive Ananta watch line is an important exercise in improving t...
  • Baselworld 2009 seiko ananta 1365490575

    Seiko's upmarket push, the Ananta

    Posted 2009-10-06
    For a lot of people, Seiko is viewed as the essential mall brand watch. The argument often goes that even if you're spending five figures, a Seiko is still only a Seiko, while, let's say, a Rolex is always a Rolex. Arguing about the matter beyond ...