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    Reimagined aluminum Shelby Cobra on James

    Posted 2010-02-15
    In early 2007,  a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 was sold for a record-breaking $5,5 million at an auction. According to the organizers, this was the highest price anyone has paid for an American car at the time. The 427 was a race car modified for street ...
  • Handbuilt aluminum ferrari eylov 5965 1365490714

    Rise and shine with hand-built monocoque aluminum Ferrari

    Posted 2010-01-01
    With every day that passes, I'm more and more warming to the idea of rebuilding, or even reimagining, classic cars of yore. To some, it's heresy. To others, myself included, it's really the ultimate homage to the art and craftmanship of the origin...