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  • Gator2 600x300 1365490787

    Animal lover furnishes alligator into motorbike

    Posted 2010-02-15
    I'm not a vegetarian. I do wear leather. I do however have a distaste for "exotic" leathers. I try to avoid wearing lizard, shark and gator. Not just for the moral implications of it, but also because... well, I'm not exactly Bea Arthur after all....
  • Hermes clock only watch 2009 1365490503

    Unique Hermes Desk Clock For Only Watch 2009 Auction

    Posted 2009-08-17
    I don't tend to think "desk clock" when I think Hermes. Most of you don't even think "watch" when you think Hermes. But Hermes is a lauded watch maker making some very nice quality timepieces. For the Only Watch 2009 charity watch auction that wil...