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    How to spend your PowerBall winnings Part 2

    Posted 2016-01-11
    With no winner this weekend the US Lottery pot continues to grow. It’s estimated that the jackpot will reach close to $1,3 billion before next draw, so we've put on our best spending gloves and will now introduce you to five other items for your n...
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    The feasibility of helis

    Posted 2011-03-11
    Arriving to engagements in your own helicopter is a pretty spectacular statement and a privilege granted to few. Indeed, owning one is seen by many to be reserved for Bond villains and solvent eccentrics - which is why we have them on James in the...
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    Cricket star Andy Caddick's Agusta on James (interview inside)

    Posted 2010-09-28
    High-profile stars in the more popular sports in the US tend to be just a smidge larger than life. Whether it be on or off the field, the exploits of people like Jose Canseco (oh, Japan) and Michael "Ron" Vick have an impeccable way of staying in ...