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  • Imgp2012 600x401 1365491158

    Why the 1950s never should have ended

    Posted 2010-11-05
    Let's be honest here: assuming you were a caucasian somewhat affluent male, the 1950s were the best time to live ever. This was especially true if you were fortunate enough to live in a country that kept its pimp hand strong during WWII, making ho...
  • Tom ford iwc 600x408 1365491021

    The horological choice of a multi-talent

    Posted 2010-06-22
    Like myself, Kristian found himself  drooling over all the beautiful things that featured in Mr Ford's directorial debut, and apparently, stuff on set, too. Check out TimeGeeks, which Kristian enthusiastically runs in his spare time.Not only is To...