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  • Bell ross eboutique 1365490748

    The Internet Is The Clear Winner Of The Watch World In 2009 And Will Be In 2010

    Posted 2010-01-25
    I've been asked numerous times "what the best watches of 2009 are." This is an unfair questions because they watch world is so much more diverse than say, the automotive world (where there are few fewer new releases each you). Part of the watch wo...
  • Zenith new vintage 1969 1365490561

    The Five Most Important Auction Results Of Only Watch 2009

    Posted 2009-10-01
    Many saw the results of this year's Monaco based Only Watch 2009 auction to be a disappointment, as it only brought in about 2.3 million euros for the 35 lots. This news is not surprising given the poor economy. Some would say that many people got...
  • Hermes clock only watch 2009 1365490503

    Unique Hermes Desk Clock For Only Watch 2009 Auction

    Posted 2009-08-17
    I don't tend to think "desk clock" when I think Hermes. Most of you don't even think "watch" when you think Hermes. But Hermes is a lauded watch maker making some very nice quality timepieces. For the Only Watch 2009 charity watch auction that wil...
  • Ticorumaa 1365490500

    Corum Ti-Bridge For Only Watch 2009

    Posted 2009-08-12
    There is something so fascinating about a movement that is long and thin like a little stick. Corum has been making them for a long time and only recently placed them in a horizontal, rather than vertical position for their new Ti-Bridge watch lin...
  • 09 0803 porsche 41 63 0249 1365490499

    New Porsche Design Flat Six Watch Models

    Posted 2009-08-11
    Porsche Design has revamped their entire Flat Six watch collection which was named for the iconic engine layout that most Porsche cars have. The collection arrives in a multitude of styles and colors. Dial colors are the clear white, blue, black, ...
  • Only watch 2009 1365490449

    Only Watch 2009 Monaco Charity Watch Auction

    Posted 2009-06-23
    I love the idea of this event. Each year, the "Only Watch" auction features unique or one-off watches from a large array of watch makers that are auctioned off for charity. If the watches are part of a limited edition, they typically need to be th...
  • Rolex oyster perpetual cosmograph daytona diamond 1 1365490428

    The Bling Is Back: 2009 Rolex Daytona White Gold With Diamonds

    Posted 2009-06-07
    Oh Rolex, how swiftly you bounce from impressive diving tools to fashion watches. The new Sea Dweller Deep Sea was a beautiful thing with the fit and finish a king could enjoy. Then you gave us new Submariners and a larger Datejust, and now you re...