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    Hong Kong's most exclusive neighbourhoods

    Posted 2018-03-06
    Hong Kong is one of the most important cities for the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and with 72 billionaires just as important for the luxury real estate market as New York City. Where do these billionaires live and which are the most exclusive...
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    Yacht owning vs Yacht charter

    Posted 2018-03-05
    When it comes to luxury we are of course not only talking about real estates or cars but also about yachts. Yachts were always put in context with a luxury lifestyle. In the past yachts were used as a symbol for wealthiness and for showing off. No...
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    The best garages on JamesEdition

    Posted 2018-03-02
    Normally when you are a car enthusiast you own more than one supercar. But then there’s the next step, you can not leave those beauties standing around. So you need to have a nice space where to but these gems. This brings us, to this list. The fo...
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    The world's most expensive zip codes

    Posted 2018-02-22
    Every city has its best neighborhoods, where everyone wants to live. Most of the time it is the historical center, the financial district or the wealthy suburb. The following neighborhoods are the top of the top areas from all around the world, w...
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    10 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars in the World

    Posted 2018-02-22
    When you are a celebrity you do not only own a giant mansion or a super nice villa in the hotspots around the globe. You are also keen to have the hottest and rarest wheels you can imagine. These cars always come with a price tag, but JamesEdition...
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    Dubai International Boat Show 2018

    Posted 2018-02-21
    After Miami, Dubai International Boat Show is the next trade fair which we think is worth to go in 2018. The show anchored this year the first time at a new location, more exactly at Dubai Canal, Jumeirah. The 26th episode of this magnificent even...
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    Bitcoins gain ground, buy now luxury apartments with your assets

    Posted 2018-02-13
    Source: astonplazacrypto.com Two entrepreneurs from the UK decided to offer 150 apartment of their luxury real estate development in Dubai for sale in Bitcoins.This idea received an overwhelming response and 50 luxury apartments have been alrea...
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    Miami International Boat Show 2018

    Posted 2018-02-09
    Temperatures are rising again and winter is officially over soon. The Miami International Boat Shows is the first Yacht Show in 2018 where we say it's worth going. Not only is Miami a perfect sunny place for living but also for taking a boat to th...
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    Can businesses save money with private jet charter?

    Posted 2018-02-02
    Hiring a private jet to business meetings sounds like an extravagance. In fact, transporting top executives by private jet charter can be more cost-effective than flying in first class. Air Charter Service (ACS) has the research on how much money...
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    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Louis Vuitton Wrapping now up for Sale

    Posted 2018-01-25
    It doesn’t come as a surprise that women are hooked on Louis Vuitton’s shoes and accessories. But what a 15-year-old kid did under the inspiration of one of the most recognizable and valuable fashion brands is both artistic and stylish, though art...