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    What could've been: Hybrid Carver on JamesList

    Posted 2010-06-08
    The Carver was conceptualized as bringing the best of worlds together: the sharp steering of a motorcycle with the stability of a car - one of those things that you think will be a lot more complicated in real life than on paper. As a matter of fa...
  • Mas boat paulo rossi 1 1365490994

    Paulo Rossi's Naval Inspired MAS 42 Sport

    Posted 2010-06-08
    The Italian designer Paulo Rossi has created a beautiful yacht inspired by an Italian naval boat – the MAS 42 Sport. The original MAS (Motoscafo Anti Sommergibile/Antisubmarine Boat) was a fast, torpedo-armed vessel invented by the Italian Navy in...
  • 1956maserati20004 600x391 1365490993

    ’56 Maserati, ’51 Ferrari & More at Gooding Palm Beach

    Posted 2010-06-08
    Early entries have been clocked for Gooding & Co.’s Pebble Beach auction in California in August and we’re positively drooling over one of the lots – this drop-dead gorgeous 1956 Maserati 200 SI. The bare metal beauty competed in major races s...
  • Ketten 600x427 1365490994

    Behold, the Kettenkrad

    Posted 2010-06-07
    I hear that the goal of parenting is providing a better life for your children than what you experienced yourself. Whatever the truth to that philosophy might be, I'm pretty sure I've found something that trumps anything I played with as a kid.The...
  • Pic1 600x394 1365490993

    Shadow Hawk Armoured Super Terrain Vehicle

    Posted 2010-06-07
    The realm of outrageous conveyances contrived by precious designers is usually confined to superyachts and supercars. Now you can add “super terrain vehicle” to that list. So what’s the hell is an STV exactly? The folks at Shadow Hawk have the ans...
  • Concorde 598x600 1365490990

    Concorde to Rule the Skies Again?

    Posted 2010-06-05
    Plans are afoot to get the iconic Concorde flying again. Abandoned seven years ago, the aircraft could return in a heritage rather than commercial capacity. Beginning with an examination of the Rolls-Royce engines of a former Air France Concorde a...
  • Kitt 600x401 1365490988

    Get KITTed out on James

    Posted 2010-06-04
    In May, we've featured two real 1980's gems: a DeLorean similar to the one in Back to the Future and the actual (ahem) Ferrari Daytona used in Miami Vice. However, setting standards is pointless if you fail to meet them.This is why we've gotten ou...
  • Cigarette bugatti 1365490992

    Discarded cigarette packs make for a dazzling Veyron

    Posted 2010-06-04
    May 31 marked the 23th World No Tobacco Day, an event created by WHO drawing global attention to the negative effects that tobacco has on personal health and on the world we live as a whole. An honourable endeavour that few sensible people will ta...
  • Bug 600x400 1365490991

    Needle in a haystack: BCA and the bargain Bugatti

    Posted 2010-06-04
    Adhering to the wonderful British tradition on naming things in overly descriptive ways, British Car Auctions (or BCA for short) have been in the business for half a century. Their very first auction in 1964 consisted of 14 cars and £2,300 in proc...
  • Rolex oysterdate 448x600 1365490990

    A very special Rolex: Auto Oysterquartz on James

    Posted 2010-06-04
    The Oysterquartz was one of Rolex's few forays into electronic watchmaking, and that fact alone usually lends itself to draw some conclusions. With their focus later shifting to exclusively produce mechanical timepieces, one would think that the O...