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    Lady Jane & Genie 2 from Sanlorenzo

    Posted 2010-06-14
    Sanlorenzo, purveyor of sleek & streamlined affairs, announced two different 89ft navettas, the Lady Jane and the Genie 2 a while back. Both are part of Sanlorenzo's SD92 line of superyachts. The exterior design credit goes to Francesco Paszko...
  • L1250 419x600 1365491005

    Behind the Ferrari/Lamborghini Feud

    Posted 2010-06-14
    Are you a history buff like we are here at JamesList? If you are, you might like to hear this brief but interesting tale as to how Lamborghini was founded as a brand.Ferruccio Lamborghini, a major Italian tractor manufacturer, loved luxury cars. H...
  • Aston 009 night maison blanche 1365491009

    Report from Le Mans, part III

    Posted 2010-06-14
    When leaving Le Mans after the race, it’s like a piece of you goes missing. I definitely understand all the fans coming from far away to share the experience. 238,150 motorsport enthusiasts were in place for the 78th installment of the 25 Heu...
  • Aston 009 awaiting start 1365491007

    Report from Le Mans, continued

    Posted 2010-06-14
    I have lots to learn about media accreditation when it comes to Le Mans. Turns out that the media pass I was granted just gives me access free of charge, it doesn’t really allow me in anywhere. Good thing Aston Martin has such a splendid lo...
  • Zondauno 600x465 1365491002

    Qatari Royals’ One-Off Pagani Zonda Una (video inside)

    Posted 2010-06-14
    The Al Thani family has been ruling Qatar since 1825, so if they want a custom supercar in an emetic shade of turquoise, who’s to argue? Certainly not Pagani, which recently delivered the Sheikhs a one-off Zonda dubbed the Uno for their royal plea...
  • Kobold1 1365491005

    Kobold: Pittsburgh steel on James

    Posted 2010-06-13
    Kobold is an interesting beast, for plenty of reasons. I'd describe as the most German company you'll ever find in America. A paradox maybe, but here's why: few watch companies ooze of their industrialist background as much as Kobold does. That, a...
  • Aston martin dbs front low1 1365491003

    Report from 24 Heures du Mans

    Posted 2010-06-12
    Yesterday, I flew down to Frankfurt to pick up an Aston Martin DBS that was going to take me to Le Mans for the annual 24 Heures du Mans. Overnighting in Paris to pick up a friend, I am now in a house 7 kms east of the Mulsanne straight. I actuall...
  • Nomosgmt 585x600 1365491002

    Zürich Weltzeit from Nomos Glashütte

    Posted 2010-06-11
    Few watch complications make me drool as much as much as world timers. I've never quite understood my irrational love for them. I certainly do not travel enough to warrant a need for knowing what the time in the Azores should I find myself to be i...
  • Rollsyacht 600x347 1365491001

    NVC 85 Y Superyacht Powered & Designed by Rolls-Royce

    Posted 2010-06-11
    U.S.-based Atlantic Yachts has contracted with Rolls-Royce’s Marine division to design and engineer a new line of superyachts dubbed the NVC 85 Y. The 85-metre craft will be built by Germany’s Nobiskrug GmbH while Atlantic's founder Paul Madden, f...
  • Swatch group swatch art peace hotel 3 1365490999

    Swiss Watch Brand's Gold Rush To China

    Posted 2010-06-10
    This image is merely representative of a wave, a big tsunami-sized wave of watch brands pouring over China and other places in Asia. Recently, the Swatch Group (who owns Swatch, Omega, Breguet, Longines, Tissot, and other brands) opened up a Hotel...