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    James' pick: Svend Andersen Columbus anniversal World Timer

    Posted 2010-05-29
    World timer functions on mechanical watches make my knees weak and my mouth all drooly. The ne plus ultra in the genre is, as is so common when it comes to these matters, the 5110 Patek, preferably the limited "DOHA" edition we featured a while ba...
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    Actual Miami Vice Ferrari Daytona on James

    Posted 2010-05-28
    A week ago, I mused about strongly held belief that replicas were a bad thing. Character flaws aside, 99 times out of 100, you're always better off with the real deal. The car in question, a Dodge Viper cleverly disguised as a Maybach Exelero, tes...
  • Apollo3 1365490978

    James' pick: Gumpert Apollo Speed

    Posted 2010-05-28
    Having established itself as the fastest car around Nürburgring as well as edging out the competition around the Top Gear test track, ex-Audi Roland Gumpert had grand plans for the Apollo. You know that old saying that necessity is the mother of i...
  • Ducaticar 600x383 1365490976

    Ducati Desmosedici RR2 Supercar Concept

    Posted 2010-05-28
    We’ve heard a lot about Ferrari and Lamborghini superbike concepts, so why not a Ducati supercar? Designer Anthony Collard has come up with a vision for the thing as an entry in a motorworks contest, and dubbed it the Desmosedici RR2. The carbon f...
  • Angular momentum jet black 1365490975

    Angular Momentum Jet-Black Watch

    Posted 2010-05-27
    One of the only Swiss watch brands that really plans with ways of telling the time on regular and on-going basis is Angular Momentum. In fact, there are many things for which people could say "Angular Momentum is one of the only..." of. In what is...
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    Maybach Coupe Concept by Xenatec

    Posted 2010-05-27
    Before the Maybach goes the way of the dinosaurs, German engineering firm Xenatec plans to give it a sendoff in the form of a a £560,000 limited edition coupe. Designed to do battle with the likes of the Bentley Continental and Rolls-Royce Phantom...
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    Rare Ferrari Racecars for Sale on James

    Posted 2010-05-26
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida’s famed Aero Toy Store has listed an impressive collection of Ferrari racecars for sale on JamesList. Topping the selection is a 1991 Formula 1 Scuderia for $700,000. The last of the “turbo-charged” Ferrari Formula One cars...
  • Bellross instrument br03 phantom infiniti 2 1365490967

    Bell & Ross Ross BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti Watch

    Posted 2010-05-25
    When I first learned about the little Bell & Ross and Infiniti relationship (yes, with the Japanese auto maker) I was trying to imagine which Bell & Ross watch might go with any Infiniti car. Parent company Nissan has the Skyline that migh...
  • Monacosam 1365490972

    Sammy Davis Jr.’s Heuer Monaco Up for Auction

    Posted 2010-05-25
    The classic square-faced Heuer Monaco, recently revived for its 40th anniversary, was of course elevated to iconic status when the great Steve McQueen sported one during filming on his famed 1971 racing flick Le Mans – the perfect match of the kin...
  • Pin1 600x399 1365490972

    Famed Pininfarina X Concept Car for sale on James

    Posted 2010-05-24
    The famous Pininfarina X concept car unveiled by the iconic Italian design firm in 1960 has been listed for sale on JamesList by the incredible Aero Toy Store in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for $1.35 million. The one-of-a-kind space age conveyance was...