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    Kristian's corner: Lightweight horology for a heavyweight tennis player

    Posted 2010-05-22
    Mr. Haagen, a common sight in the halls of the high society, got his hands on a very special Richard Mille just before it was handed to none other that Rafael Nadal. Follow Kristian's adventures at his very own TimeGeeks.Spanish tennis sensation R...
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    Pink is James' best friend

    Posted 2010-05-22
    And now for something completely different.Diamonds are always an hotly debated topic. To some, they're an almost essential accessory and a girl's best friend. To others, even the most exquisite wrist watch will be ruined by having a bezel encrust...
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    Kanye, is that you? Custom Louis Vuitton Cadillac on James

    Posted 2010-05-21
    Who put this thing together? Me, that's who! Who do I trust? Me! Perhaps the ultimate way to slowly roll along the boulevards of Miami has turned up on James. This delicious bronze 1962 Cadillac is one of those custom projects (signed Detroit Cust...
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    Historics Launches New Classic Car Auctions at Brooklands

    Posted 2010-05-21
    Considering that the past two weeks saw two record breaking classic car sales – a $40 million 1936 Bugatti Atlantic and a $20 million 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO changed hands – it would seem like an auspicious time to get into the business. Hence the we...
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    Vacheron Constantin Watch Has Supporting Role In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Movie

    Posted 2010-05-20
    Oliver Stone's new Wall Street movie (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps) just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the highly anticipated sequel to the first movie in 1987 about 1980's era business practices on Wall Street. This time around,...
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    Rise from the ashes: Phoenix CRJ 200 flies again on James

    Posted 2010-05-20
    Articles concerning auto tuning houses are a fairly common sight in the luxury blogosphere. Names such as Gemballa, TechArt and Deutsche Manufaktur (see a common thread here?) regularly draw a lot of attention with their takes on models from Porsc...
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    Rockin’ 50s and 60s Rolexes in Hong Kong Sale

    Posted 2010-05-20
    There are of course plenty of pricey Patek Philippes on offer in Christie’s upcoming Important Watches including The Millennium Collection auction on June 2 in Hong Kong, including a coveted Sky Moon Tourbillon. What caught our eye however were so...
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    Michael Schumacher's Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport on James

    Posted 2010-05-19
    A couple of weeks back, we brought you a Maserati Stradale signed by racing legend Michael Schumacher. Now, as neat as an autographed Maserati is, we always aim to improve JamesList in every way we can and we've by no means kicked back and relaxed...
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    James' pick: Blue and yellow Donkervoort Batmobile

    Posted 2010-05-19
    Whenever we bring up something Dutch on James Spotting it's more often than not a boat of some sort. Indeed, for a relatively small country, the Netherlands have produced an outstanding number of eye-catching (and mouth-watering) vessels - Wajer a...
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    Lamborghini Murciélago "Quattro Veloce" by DMC on James

    Posted 2010-05-19
    Back in December, we told you about the "Numero Uno", the aggressive take on the Rolls-Royce Ghost by Düsseldorf-based tuning firm DMC. This time around, the German company has set its sights on the country which it so often has come to revisit - ...