The World Superyacht Award 2017

Posted 2017-05-09 in Yacht
On Saturday, May 13th, the world superyacht award takes place in Florence. This award honors the ingenuity and innovation demands by design, engineering and construction of the world's finest luxury yachts. The elite of the yacht world will attend the show, not only owners but also industry leaders come together to honor the best and finest luxury superyachts which were launched during 2016.
Since twelve years, this award honors the best of the best of the luxury yacht industry. The Neptune trophy has become more and more coveted and also a synonym for excellence in building and designing yachts. Until the 30th of November, everyone was able to nominate a yacht for the award, rules which must be followed are that if you nominee a yacht you also have to hand in required documentations and the yacht must be over 30 meters. Also, there is a fee of £250 when you nominate the yacht for the award.Jetsetter from Dynamiq
Moreover, under the nominee's is also a yacht, which is listed on JamesEdition. The "Jetsetter" from Dynamiq is one of the nominee's. If you would like to have a full list of the finalist's of the world superyachts award, please click here, to find more information. 
For winning the award, there are competition rules and requirements, which should be kept in mind, to have a chance with all those magnificent superyachts. Of course, there are more than just one category, that's also why a lot of builders nominated more than just one yacht.
We will await Saturday eagerly and wish every finalist good luck. 
May the best yacht win.