The most outstanding yachts from the Top Marques 2017

Posted 2017-05-04 in Yacht
We presented you the most spectecular cars and jewelry pieces from the Top Marques 2017, but we do not want to keep the yacht highlights from you! These are the most outstanding yachts and water toys:

Are you looking for an equivalent to your Lamborghini, but on the water?

Here it is! 

The carbon yachts of the German company "Say Carbon Yachts" are extra light, extra fast and extra-ordinary: 

Say 29 - Her immensely efficient hull lets her glide through the water with indescribable ease. This design also shows its benefits in choppy waters, where she impresses with stability and predictable handling. The SAY29 Runabout is setting new standards and creates a new generation of super sports yachts. creating a new generation of super sports yachts. Their sound makes the heart beat faster, the high-speed performance triggers an adrenaline rush.

-Luxury Water Toys-

Every yacht needs its additional toys to make the summer extra fun.

This is also the motto of the following company:

"Born For Serious Fun"


Luxury Water Toys is entirely dedicated to the amusement of superyacht owners, guests and private clients. Celebrities like Lewis Hamilton, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake enjoy their Jetsurfs! It is the world's first motorized surfboard with a top speed up to 57km/h.


-Become an Insider-

If they "Say carbon yacht" is the Lamborghini of the water, then, the elegant and classy high-performance insider yachts are definitely the Bentley of the water! The sleek and clean design and the high-quality materials, make this yacht an outstanding guest in each harbor.


Earlier this year, they disclosed a cooperation with the Kußmaul GmbH from Stuttgart, Germany. Bernd Kußmaul is a design and service provider, who has clients such as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. He is, therefore, a perfect brand fit for Insider Yachts. If you are looking for a James Bond yacht with customized luxury, you should definitely check this company out!

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