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SeaNet, the smart way to own a luxury yacht

The enviable lifestyle of owning a yacht is something that the UHNW market considers a luxury in terms of the cost, privacy that it affords them and the money-can’t-buy experience of travelling the open oceans.

A yacht can easily cost 10 million EUR, depending on its size, design and spec. Yet despite the considerable investment, over 95% of owners use their yacht for just 4-5 weeks of the year.  Even when the yachts are not in use, owners are still incurring the high fees of management and maintenance.

SeaNet is the first European company to develop an innovative model of smart co-ownership for luxury yachts that range between 28 and 42 meters. SeaNet offers co-owners the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional lifestyle of owning a yacht without the excessive monetary expense and hassle involved in running and managing as a sole owner.


The SeaNet model allows co-owners to purchase either 25%, 33%, 50% or 75% of the yacht. Having created the 75% Premium model, SeaNet enables potential co-owners to hold the majority ownership and therefore benefit from additional advantages under the Premium programme. Advantages of majority ownership include choosing your yacht’s interiors, naming your yacht and choosing its home port.

Benetti Delfino 93'
The percentage of SeaNet co-ownership can be sold at any time, and annual charges starting from 500.000 EUR will remain the only cost. These charges are shared amongst the individual yacht’s owners, ensuring that those who choose to pursue a shared ownership with SeaNet will simply settle the equal cost. Annual charges are subject to the yacht’s size and location of mooring, demonstrating co-ownership as the smart way to own.

Managing a yacht can be both time consuming and stressful, however SeaNet can offer co-owners complete peace of mind as they handle every element of yacht management. Services can include charter co-ordination, should owners choose to charter out their yacht.

The SeaNet Concierge service goes above and beyond to ensure that every co-owner has an unforgettable experience from the moment they become part of the SeaNet fleet. Recognising the importance of making the most of your time on the water, SeaNet offer their unique concierge service to cover every element of a co-owner’ trip; with harbour and moorings completely handled by SeaNet and all detailed and relevant local knowledge imparted to owners ahead of their trip.

With the SeaNet concierge service, co-owners can rest assured that upon arrival their yacht will be prepped with foods and beverages of their choice, activities arranged and itineraries planned. Every yacht owner also has the option to finish their yacht with personal touches such as photos, pictures and soft furnishings to ensure that their yacht is a home from home.

SeaNet and Benetti’s Exclusive Global Partnership

Thanks to the exclusive global partnership between SeaNet and Benetti Yachts, members of the SeaNet group can enjoy the very latest in cutting edge design and technology.

SeaNet’s unique model allows up to four co-owners to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of owning a Benetti Yacht without the hassle that’s often associated with independent management. Co-owners benefit from shared expenses of crew, running costs, initial purchasing price and comprehensive management team who will handle every element of operating and chartering the yacht.

From the moment that you start your yachting journey with SeaNet, you will enjoy the unforgettable experience of what it means to be an owner of a Benetti Yacht. It could just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

SeaNet’s Fleet

Further to conducting in-depth research into the most superior yachts on the market, SeaNet have hand-selected the yachts for their fleet based on the criteria of unsurpassed quality, design, luxury, space and performance. All SeaNet yachts are finished to the very highest spec, featuring the latest in design, technology and innovation.

One notable addition to the SeaNet fleet, is Benetti’s Delfino yacht which can be found here on JamesEdition. Internal market research revealed that the Delfino responds to demands of the highest level of quality and more than satisfies SeaNet’s criteria of design spec and performance ability. Running on MTU German Motors and measuring 29 meters in length, the Delfino 93 offers living accommodation for 10 guests and 4 crew.

SeaNet currently has 2 of its own Delfino yachts, which are registered in Malta and the USA, each worth around 10 million Euros. SeaNet’s aim is to find new co-owners each year and to increase the portfolio by 1 yacht per year in both the USA and Europe.

The Only Way to Cruise Around Europe

SeaNet enables co-owners to make the most of Europe’s sailing season, running from April-October. SeaNet yachts will be moored in 5 fixed locations: Croatia (Split/Dubrovnik), France (Côte d‘Azur), Spain (Mallorca), Italy (Sardinia) and Montenegro (Tivat), ensuring that co-owners have access to the most beautiful sailing that Europe has to offer.

One key advantage of owning a yacht is the flexibility and privacy that it offers, and through SeaNet and the SeaNet concierge service, all co-owners are guaranteed an effortless and seamless yacht experience.

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