Posted 2010-07-09 in Yacht

Largest J-Class Yacht Ever Built for Sale


Among classic yacht enthusiasts the J-Class is legendary. The hallowed moniker denotes the large sailing yachts designed between 1930 – 1937 for the wealthy yachtsmen who raced them in the America’s Cup. The J-Class designation was an evolution of famed yacht designer Nathanael Herreshoff’s Universal Rule for determining racing boats’ eligibility for the Cup. The largest of the J-Class boats, a 44-metre dubbed “77F”, was designed for the Ranger Syndicate by Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens in 1936 – but it was never actually built.

Hoek Design in The Netherlands decided to rectify that, and has now executed the design in aluminum along with some other modernizations at Claasen Jachbouw in Zaandam. Dubbed the Lionheart, the sleek super sailer is now available for sale via Yachting Partners International for €14.9 million. Designed for cruising as well as racing, the yacht features two deckhouses and cockpits for maximum versatility. Meanwhile Hoek is already at work on two more modern J-Class boats, the Atlantis from a 1935 design and Svea, a replica of a 1937 racer.