Hello yacht season

Posted 2017-01-04 in Yacht

As the Dubai Boat Show comes up next month, we thought of showing you our two favorite superyachts. The yacht season is just ahead and maybe one or another needs a new vessel to put to sea. There is no better way to spent some nice time at the ocean and even more when you can spent it with style.


There is nothing better to spent your free time on the ocean, well at least for us. But for those kind of days you need the perfect vessel to provide you a great time. Fortunately, we have the two perfect super yachts which can assure you a beautiful time on the water. Here are our two favorite super yachts you can find on JamesEdition:


Porsche Design RFF135 

Who thought you can purchase a ship designed by Porsche. They’ve gone beyond car manufacturing and started to cooperate with the Royal Falcon Fleet to built a new generation of catamarans. In cooperation with naval architecture Incat Crowther & Kockums they created a Superyacht which combines high-performance with elegance and exquisiteness.

Because of the catamaran-platform, Porsche Design has new opportunities to creating the interior. When you have a look at the interior it’s undeniable that Porsche was in charge of the Design. The vessel combines luxury and functionality without being floridity or opulence. Her hull is completely made out of aluminium. Which makes it easy for her to have a high maximum speed of 30 knots. She contains 4 decks and has enough space to accommodate 10 guest and 10 crew members. Wherever this beauty will bring you, luxury and restfulness can be assured. 


But we all know, beauty has its price. The listed price for The RFF135 is about €35,000,000 by Boat Business SL

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2016 Dynamiq 38m Jetsetter 

If you like to spent a bit less money but still wanting something unique and luxury, the next vessel could be yours. The 2016 Dynamiq 38m Jetsetter. 


Built by a company which is relatively new in the industry, founded in 2011 in Monaco. This vessel is an absolutely stunner. Belonging to the D4 model range, the Jetsetter is one of 3 models in the current Dynamiq portfolio. With its 3 decks and the hull being fully out of aluminium, this swimming home is a modern super yacht. The exceptionally naval architecture was designed by Azur Naval and definitely attracts attention in every harbor. Her maximum speed is a bit lower then from the RFF135 but with 21 knots not to be scoffed at. 


Originally designed in Monaco, engineered in the Netherlands, and built in Italy, it may come to your mind why she is called Jetsetter. She can host up to 10 guests and 6 crew members. Who does not want to have this one and driving into the harbor having everyone else staring at you?

This magnificent vessel has a listed price of €14,545,000 by Burgess.
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So, get ready. Because the yacht season is about to start and we don’t want you to be stranded!

By Frederike Müller-Elsner