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The Limited Edition Nürburgring Race Pilot on JamesEdition

Halda Watch Company.

There is seemingly no extreme environment known that Halda Watch Company feels too foreign to participate in. In close cooperation with astronauts, an instrument with advanced functions was evolved in 2010: The Halda Space Discovery. This watch is a limited edition of 128 pieces that is certified by astronauts and is tested in space.

Halda’s next watch revolves around the world of Racing. Halda faced the challenge to create the world’s first genuine racing watch. Two years ago, the Halda Watch Company launched the Halda Race Pilot. A unique racing instrument was born, developed with race engineers and tested by Formula One drivers.

Halda Nürburgring Edition

After great success of the Race Pilot watch, Halda has now released a limited edition watch in honour of the sport. The goal of the Nürburgring Race Pilot by Halda – a limited edition of only 20 pieces – was to create a timepiece that contribute to, and, significantly enhance the customer experience. It should be relevant premium experience from start to finish with functions truly useful to the racing audience.

Like Halda has done with their timepieces made for astronauts, they have specially designed the timepiece to apply to the circuit. In the Racetrack program of the watch you can obtain data from over 150 of the most popular racetracks in the world. Besides, the chronograph measuring speed function helps you to keep track of current lap, lap time and it automatically calculates the average speed per lap. It is even possible to keep track of two cars simultaneously. The fastest lap with time and average speed will be stored and displayed until after the race.

Further, The Nürburgring Race Pilot is equipped with G-force measurement. With a high precision 3-axis accelerometer the G-force is continuously displayed during the reading and the highest value is stored. On top of that, the timepiece even has an integrated countdown function to the race. Ready… Start your Engines… Go!

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The Halda Concept

‘The Future is Interchangeable” is an important slogan used by Halda in their Halda Concept. Essentially, the concept is based on a time platform and interchangeable time modules. Also the Nürburgring Race Pilot is equipped with two interchangeable time modules that can be docked into a time platform at the owners’ preference. The Race Pilot features two modules – one mechanical, celebrating the history and passion, and one electronic, representing the future and modern technology. The Halda Concept unites the tradition of mechanical watchmaking with all the advantages of modern technology. The Halda Concept has been honoured with the prestigious Watch of the Year award 2014, the Red Dot Design Award and a nomination for the German Design Award.

World Premiere

CEO of Halda Watch Company - Mikael Sandström - will introduce a new instrument made by Halda on the 9th of October: the Halda Trackmaster. The Halda Trackmaster will be introduced during the drivers’ briefing of the Gran Turismo Spa 2016, held from the 9th until 12th of October in Spa-Francorchamps. The Trackmaster is a military grade GPS unit that works together with the watch. It automatically feeds the Halda Race Pilot watch with data like lap time and position with extreme accuracy. The Halda Trackmaster is placed in the car and will communicate wirelessly with the watch. The Trackmaster transforms the watch into an advanced racing instrument that will keep track on race performances in order to improve the racing results.

When mounted in the car, the Halda Trackmaster clearly shows how the driver is doing against the best lap. It gives the driver instant feedback on their driving, being faster or slower than the best lap, using a series of coloured LEDs.

During the Gran Turismo Spa 2016, drivers will be able to both see and test this fascinating development made by Halda. Besides, existing owners of the Halda Race Pilot will be able to upgrade their watch to work with the Halda Trackmaster module at the event!

By Thomas van Doorn