Posted 2010-03-16 in Watch

Record-breaking Patek Philippe 5049P on JamesList

patek blk face2491

Last year, I spent quite a bit of time compiling some articles on some of the more high profile watch auctions. This usually means Antiquorum, and for good reasons as the auction firm is still soundly the field's top dog. Apart from being the most comfortable method of browsing just about the most eye-popping vintage watches around, high end auctions are a pretty practical way of feeling the temperature of the market, so to speak.


An example is the closing auction that Antiquorum put on last year, an event that we covered at the time. Among the differents lots (see more pictures in the linked article) were a triple-whammy of Pateks which ended selling for no less than $1,200,000. Now that's a healthy market, regardless of what The Economist tells you. pp

The good news is that you won't have to wait until whoever bought the watches decides to put them back on the market. We've dug up a very similar watch to the ones in the article. This platinum & astronomic Patek Philippe 5049P was made for British jeweller Boodle and Dunthorne in 1998 in just 20 pieces. Features include a perpetual calender, moon phase, 24 hours and a leap year indicator. You know, all that jazz. Don't miss out on the opportunity to snatch this sucker up - after all, it's just £62,500. The Patek Philippe 5049P is available for sale right here on JamesList. patek blk face bx493