Posted 2009-11-25 in Watch

Patek & Rolex classics at final Antiquorum auction

It has been quite a successful year for Antiquorum. From securing the sale of Steve McQueen's Submariner to breaking several price world records to selling the world's most complicated pocket watch, nobody is really questioning Antiquorum's place among the ranks of world-class watch auction events.

Antiquorum is celebrating the closing of its 35th Anniversary year by, as per usual, offering some pretty stunning Pateks along with some classic Rolex divers. A few pieces of interest managed to attract James' attention.

comexnodate Notably, no less than two different Rolex "Comex" divers owned by legendary Comex diver Patrice Chemin are available. The Comex divers are extremely sought after and probably the most famous branded Submariners out here (I'm still partial to the Cartier ones, myself). The first one is a ref 5514, a no date variant, is offered together with Mr Chemin's diving helmet (definitely something worth having in itself) and features the first generation of the helium escapement valve and a maxi dial. Note the wonderfully worn out bezel insert... Yum... Antiquorum's estimated price is between $40,000 - $60,000.


His other Comex piece is a ref 168000 made in 1986 and looks more like the Comex divers we've come to know and love. $30,000 - $50,000.


For good measure, Mr. Chemin threw a Double Red SeaDweller into the mix. Given to him by Rolex after his world record 610 meter dive, the ref 1665 was produced in 1972. Estimated to go for $25,000 - $45,000.


However, for the non-Rolex nerds amongst us, the highlight of the auction is, surprise surprise, a Patek, ref 3974. A platinum minute repeater with a perpetual calender and moon phase complications, it'll be the fourth of its kind sold at an auction. Antiquorum seems to have high hopes for the watch, as they've actually withheld the estimate. Apart from the standard black dial, it comes with two additional dials in opaline white and salmon pink. pptrans Another point of interest is a ref 3450 from Patek Philippe featuring something as odd as a transparent caseback, unusual for a company as conservative as Patek - turns out it was custom made on request in 1983. An 18k gold affair, it features a perpetual calender, moon phase and a leap year indicator. For this reference, Antiquorum hopes to bring in between $200,000 - $300,000.

The auction takes place December 9 at Antiquorum HQ in New York City. Don't miss the opportunity to cross things off the Christmas wish list.