Posted 2009-07-23 in Watch

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch 40th Anniversary Display In Berlin


The Omega Speedmaster Moon watch is one of the most recognizable watches in the world, as well as among the most popular. Omega's longevity in the watch world was solidified once NASA chose Omega to build the watches that astronauts would use for space missions as well as for the moon landing back in the 1960s. Thenceforth, Omega has been milking the this PR dream fact for all it is worth, and I would do the same. Recently the official 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing was celebrated (moon landing occurred July 21, 1969) and Omega was right there to push the moon watch, yet again. There aren't too many better things to brag about than your watches have been to the moon, and countless limited editions and derivatives have been released by Omega ever since, including the original moon watch.


A new "exhibit" at the famous department store KaDeWe in Berlin, Germany not only displays some of the watches, but puts together a nice diorama of moon landing items that really gets people into the moon traveling mode. The display seems to place NASA paraphernalia around the watches, but then again it is an Omega exhibit - so that is to be expected. Still, the life-size space suit, and replica of the parts of the landing shuttle ought to be cool. My favorite part is how the "space-man" is wearing the original Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch. You can really understand then how this watch was meant to be worn on an astronauts wrist while in the space shuttle as well as over a spacesuit on the moon walks. The watch looks kinda tiny over the large suit right? I think the original was about 40mm wide. At least it looks bigger on your wrist, but how cool is that on the suit as well with what is probably a large Velcro strap. The Omega watch exhibit will remain at KaDeWe until August 24th, 2009.

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