Posted 2010-02-21 in Watch

Believe it or not, but we've found a great Franck Muller


Franck Mullers are seldom held as your best bet if you're looking to buy something timeless yet exquisite. More often than not, you're looking at blinged out ultra-kitsch that puts Jacob the Jeweller to shame. However, one should never forget that Muller himself is a master watchmaker, having designed his own tourbillon at just age 26. It's just that Mullers tend to fall into the trap where their outlandish designs tend to steal the publicity from the area where the truly excel - their complications. Inverted tourbillons, split seconds chronograph minute repeater and all sorts of other crazy ideas are what gives the brand legitimacy and not just bling factor. If they only could hold off the diamonds...

786702_large Interestingly enough, a very cool and understated Muller has just turned up on JamesList. While there's still the iconic large tonneau case and the modern take on the art deco styling, this 2000 Cintrée Curvex harks back to the pre-WWII times in a much more faithful, and dare I say tasteful, fashion. A rose gold case, an offwhite dial and blue hour indicators spell a winner to me. Not to mention the perpetual calender and moon phase. Yumm!

The Cintrée Curvex, listed at €11,500, can be found here.