Although Baselworld was already at the end of March, it’s never too late for watch trends.
Watches are more than just a timekeeping device. They are a statement. But there are so many different brands, like Rolex, Zenith, Patek Philippejust to name a few.
But there is a brand and trend for everyone!
The following story will introduce to you the 4 watch trends you shouldn’t miss in 2018.

Black was yesterday, Blue is the new Black!

IWC watch with blue dial

The new selection of blue watches, with different shades and nuances, seems endless, maybe you also recognized that JamesEdition also has a lot of blue watches, not only the strap but also the dial. Blue is the new black for your wrist. Brands like Glashütte Original and IWC have a wide range of blue watches. Moreover, they have been the pioneers in this field. To see all Blue watches JamesEdition offers, please click here.

Green is the new Blue!

Green Rolex

Although we just said Blue is the new Black, we need also to tell you Green is the new Blue!
Blue, is of course, still legendary when we are talking about watches but when it comes to color experiments, the trend tends to green dials. More and more watch brands are having green dials and green watches, to see which ones are on JamesEdition, click here to see al green watches we have for sale.

Time for Vintage

Santos de Cartier

The 1950s and 60s are back and this means retro and vintage are back on your wrist. This trend is not only for watch lovers a great opportunity also for brands. The brands can remember the icons from their own history when the became bestsellers and these models can now be reinterpreted with a modern technology, more quality, and function. Examples of this great trend are the Santos from Cartier and the Memovox Polaris from Jaeger-LeCoultre. Click here to see all watches JamesEdition offers right now for sale.

Smaller is better!

Panerai Luminor Due

The trend for smaller watches is already some years in the process, but the average measures for men watch in 2018 is between 39 and 42 millimeters.
Panerai for example, who until now always had watchers beyond 45 millimeters presented this year models with a 38-millimeter case. Of course, every trend has his exceptions, Bucherer for example just launched their timeless elegant watch Manero Peripheral. They actually increased by 2 mm to 43-millimeter diameter. To see all Panerai watches JamesEdition has for sale, please click here.

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