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    Cartier- Always timeless

    Posted 2017-01-20
    Cartier has always been a pioneer when it comes to watches. They created the first wristwatch. Furthermore, they revolutionized the design in the early years of the last century. Cartier watches combine three essential attributes: mechanics of pas...
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    The wristwatch: From a necessity to an accessory

    Posted 2015-07-28
    The story of the wristwatch is a both remarkable and interesting story. It all started as an instrument for soldiers in the 1880s to coordinate attacks without the enemy intercepting any signals, which prove to be a very efficient tool on the batt...
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    BRM Abarth Limited Edition

    Posted 2013-12-12
    We love cars and watches, so what is more natural to combine those interests than a timepiece designed in the spirit of a favorite automobile? A fine mechanical watch celebrates design and function, also true of the most enduring car designs. Plus...
  • The patek philippe pink gold sky moon tourbillon (ref 1380703164 thumb

    Luxury Watch Values

    Posted 2013-10-02
    Back in May at an Antiquorum sale in Geneva, a Patek Philippe pink gold Sky Moon Tourbillon (Ref. 5002) emerged as the auction’s top lot, selling for 1.2 million Swiss Francs (about $1.3 million). Unlike most chart-topping timepieces sold at aucti...
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    Matthias Naeschke Limited Edition Clock

    Posted 2013-06-25
      JamesEdition partner promotion In 2014 the atelier manufacturer Matthias Naeschke will celebrate the 30th anniversary of his company with a limited edition clock, offered for the first weeks exclusively through JamesEdition and Archides. The ...
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    New Year, New Watch – 3 Must Have Luxury Watches for 2013

    Posted 2013-01-18
    Now that 2013 is now firmly upon us, many people’s attention is turning to how they can treat themselves over the next 12 months and most men are likely to have their eye on a new luxury timepiece for this year. Luckily for those who want to add a...
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    3 Top Luxury Sailing Watches for Men

    Posted 2012-07-26
    It goes without saying that sailing is a luxurious pursuit and you will definitely need a timepiece that offers plenty in the durability stakes as well as ticking all the right boxes from a style and luxury perspective – well, the 3 stunning men’...
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    Tom Ford looks: Pro-Hunter releases Steel & Gold Rolex GMT Master on JamesList

    Posted 2011-10-21
    Without Pro-Hunter rattling the cage of Rolex nuts worldwide a few years ago, watch customization would not have gotten to the place it has today. Tweaking your Rolex has become de rigueur in certain wealthier circles (even if some people take it ...
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    Famed Bond Rolex from Live and Let Die in Christie’s Sale

    Posted 2011-10-19
    The customized Rolex Submariner worn by Roger Moore as James Bond in 1973’s Live and Let Die is being offered at Christie’s Important Watches sale in Geneva on Nov. 14. Expected to fetch up to about $450,000, it’s the most famous 007 Rolex as i...
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    Charlie Chaplin's Cartier on James

    Posted 2011-10-10
    We love old collector's items that tell a rich history here on James. Moreover, we're quite fond of old-timey show biz memorabilia (the last gem we covered was the insanely beautiful Rolls-Royce that belonged to George Formby back this summer), an...