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    Cold as ice

    Posted 2017-02-12
    Going on vacation is always something special, moreover when the vacation you are planning is an unique experience. Going somewhere unique is always worth a good story, therefore we decided to show you three exceptional travel destinations. Ice, ...
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    Unique Travel Experiences

    Posted 2013-06-25
    JamesEdition partner promotion Emily Carlsson is the owner and founder of Carlsson Portfolio, a private travel and leisure consulting agency specialising in most exclusive properties and experiences in the Greek and African luxury travel market...
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    Exquisite Ibiza – Private Luxury Travel

    Posted 2013-04-10
    When one thinks of luxury travel throughout the Mediterranean, a handful of destinations are bound to be at the top of the list, destinations like the French Riviera, the Grecian Islands, or the Italian coastline. Most people wouldn’t think of I...