Posted 2010-08-09 in RealEstate

The Ultimate Car Collector’s Crash Pad, Yours for $35 Million


For a cool $35 million you can get the ultimate car collector’s crash pad in Montecito, California, a modernist masterpiece designed to house a collection of 35 cars – about $1 million per for one heck of a fancy garage – sorry, automotive gallery. Walls and pillars lined in walnut give way to massive plate glass windows fronting on a sweeping terrace so that the cars are integrated into life of the house. Of course you also get 15,000-square-feet of living space into the bargain. Designed by architect Steve Hermann and dubbed the Glass Pavilion in homage to the late Philip Johnson, it’s set within a 3.5 acre estate of oak groves.

Picture 5

Massive structural steel beams allow for acres of glass that appear to be floating above the rolling lawns. The kitchens and baths are fitted out by famous names such as Varena, Poliform and Antonio Lupi. In each category the “best and most exciting products from around the world” were sourced to make the entire package flawless. Six years in the making, it’s a pretty impressive piece of work. Right now the garage / gallery is kitted out with a Ferrari F430, Ferrai Dino, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing and a Bentley Continental. Pay the asking price and they’ll probably throw ‘em in for free.

Full details and more pictures here.

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