Halloween is the modern way of saying the eve of “All Hallow’s Day”. The way of celebrating this last day in October differs between countries and cultures. While children mostly dress up in more or less scary costumes to compete with each other in collecting candy, some adults take competition to the next level.

In expectation of this year’s festivities, we’ve done some research into the most decadent parties of 2016. And in case we got you in the mood to enter the competition – we also chose properties fit for the perfect party in each of the party’s neighborhoods.

2 Park Place, Apartment 46B – 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom – $4,575,000

We’re starting our party venue hunt in Downtown Manhattan. The proclaimed “Queen of Halloween” Heidi Klum threw her annual haunted bash at Vandal in New York’s Lower East Side. Feeling a slight bit patriotic, she themed the party “Made in Germany”. Unlike the previous years, she decided to opt for a rather subtle costume – except for the fact that there were 5 almost identical copies of herself. The complete cost of the “costume” is estimated at around $1,000,000 with the 6 Herve Leger dresses alone being worth almost $9,000.

If you’re looking to compete with that, you should check out this property, located at 2 Park Place, also referred to as the Woolworth Tower Residences.

5 East 16th Street – 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms – $10,800,000

In case you’re more of a modern type, take a look at 5 East 16th Street. The 4,200 sq ft apartment is a masterpiece of contemporary luxury, just steps away from Union Square.

1 Central Park South, Apartment 2003 – 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms – $34,950,000

For the next party, we’re moving a bit further uptown, more precisely to Midtown East. In 2016, Bette Midler – best known for her role in the Halloween classic “Hocus Pocus” – threw her annual “Hulaween” bash at one of the most prestigious locations in the Big Apple – The Waldorf Astoria. With last year’s guestlist starring A-listers such as Marc Jacobs and Kathy Griffin, we’re excited to see what this year will hold.

If you are keen to become part of the uptown party crowd, you should definitely consider Apartment 2003 at 1 Central Park South. The property is as prestigious as its address and will leave your guests speechless.

270 Palisades Beach Road, Unit 203 – 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms – $5,150,000

To present two more properties, we’re switching coasts. Everybody’s darling Kate Hudson threw her annual Halloween bash at her Pacific Palisades home which is located just outside Santa Monica. And as if the highly selective guest list wasn’t enough, special guest Katy Perry decided to take the party to the next level and go upfront political: the pop-singer was a perfect imitation of the Democratic presidential candidate, while her (at that time) boyfriend dressed as the Republican counterpart – including a rather gruesome blond wig.

If you’d like to enjoy beachfront living in style, you should definitely take a look at this dream property, located directly on the sand in Santa Monica. Its multi-level floor plan is perfect for entertaining and the gourmet kitchen offers views of the Pacific Ocean.

303 South Westgate Avenue – 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms – $6,450,000

If you’re more of a pool person rather than actually going into the ocean, we suggest checking out this magnificent estate, which offers luxury and comfort in the heart of Brentwood.

No matter how and where you choose to celebrate this year’s All Hallow’s Eve, we hope you have a great time! 

By Vanessa Loeffler

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