Posted 2010-08-14 in RealEstate

Eleanor Roosevelt's New York townhouse on James


Real estate can sometimes be a difficult field to get a grip of, especially since the offerings seem to turn up on JamesList in the thousands lately. I fell for the historical twist that this gem had, though. As if owning an Upper East Side early 20th century townhouse isn't enough, it seems that it had a rather special tenant  - Eleanor Roosevelt. The former first lady lived here for a five year period during 1953 (FDR having passed away just when WWII was coming to an end) to 1958. It was during this part of her life that she was heavily involved in the political life in New York (to be frank, Mrs. Roosevelt never stepped out of the lime light after FDR died), supporting her son FDR Jr.'s election campaign to become the local Attorney General.


The townhouse encompasses four bedrooms and five bathrooms across five floors and a beautiful roof terrace. It was built in 1910 and is now part of the Treadwell Farm historical district. Got $14,5 million to spare? It's available right here on JamesList.