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Cascais, a jewel on the Portuguese coastline!

Cascais is a beautiful seaside town which has been historically a minor fishing village but gained major popularity when King Luis (1838-1889) choose it as his royal summer retreat. As a result, the Portuguese high society followed him and turned the small town at Lisbon's coastline to an elegant holiday destination with lavish villas and elegant gardens.
Since then Cascais became the finest resort town of the Lisbon region.
The town offers traditional Portuguese charm combined with decorative 19th-century architecture, beautiful beaches and outstanding tourist facilities. One of the main activities is golf, Cascais offers three different courses and is therefore truly a paradise for golf lovers.

Two of the best condominiums to invest in for a home are the following:

1. Quinta da Marinha (Cascais)
Quinta da Marinha is surrounded by golf courses, just a step away from the sea and only 15min away from Lisbon. It offers the perfect accommodation to enjoy your holiday at a five-star level.  Some of the luxurious amenities are:
-2 Golf courses (internationally renowned)
- Horseback riding school
- Tennis and gym
- Three 5-star hotels within the compound

These are some of the most beautiful properties in Quinta da Marinha:

Excellent Villa in a renowned private condominium in Portugal

2.) Quinta Patino (Estoril)
Quinta Patino is one of the most exclusive condominiums in Portugal!
It offers more than 50 hectares of green surroundings and private homes.
The amenities are high class and leave nothing to be desired:

- 24-four hour security
- tennis fields
- private gym
- outside pool
- football field
- green oasis
- a palace and a 17th-century chapel - which may be used by the owners for celebrations
- a private lake

We have currently this beautiful 5-bedroom home online listed by T.Casa:

Quinta Patino – one of the most exclusive private condominiums in Portugal

If you are looking for a property in this area, we highly recommend you to reach out to T.Casa! They are our trusted clients in Cascais and always feature some of the most beautiful properties in this region.

See all of their properties on JamesEdition!

For your next trip to Cascais, we can recommend you the following hotspots!

Hotel Palácio Estoril -
Farol Design Hotel –

5 sentidos - traditional food with a modern touch
Fortaleza do Guincho – 2 Michelin-star

Hotspots worth a visit:

- Guincho – the best beach in Cascais, with several bars and restaurants, surfing schools, and hiking trails on the dunes.
- Estoril Casino – the biggest casino in Europe, with restaurants and shows.
- Paredão – is the sidewalk that goes across the ocean, with many restaurants and beaches along the way, a great place to stroll, run or bike.
- Nightlife – Tamariz Summer Club – nightclub, bar and restaurant that is open during the summer and it is facing the beach, with ocean view all throughout the club.