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    Great Like Gatsby

    Posted 2017-05-22
    With the hottest season and vacations just around the corner, it’s time to get in the mood for spectacular celebrations and having a good time. One of the most memorable party hosts - although fictional - of all times is Jay Gatsby, the ‘hero’ of ...
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    Our top 4 summer locations in Europe

    Posted 2017-05-18
    Spring is almost over and therefore, summer is not anymore a wish but reality. With the vacation and traveling season coming up, everyone has the same issue. Where should we go for summer holidays? With a resident in the south of Europe, this ques...
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    Rooms With a View

    Posted 2013-02-13
    The penthouse. It’s an idea that’s ingrained in the global vernacular and one that conveys the very best in urban/vertical living. Prospective homeowners will find numerous examples in every major metropolitan area around the world, and the exclus...
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    How to spend your record PowerBall winnings

    Posted 2012-11-28
    With the US Lottery this evening rolling over at a whooping $500 million, the main question for the lucky winner will be ‘How do I spend all of this cash’? Instead of saving it for your kids, we’d like to provide a JamesList guide to spending some...
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    Andorran real estate now on James

    Posted 2011-10-10
    The real gangsters are the ones that don't make much noise about their gangster ways, opting to keep things on the DL (this is coming from someone whose main exposure to organized crime comes from Scorsese movies, so take it as you will). Andorra ...
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    Bill Gates and Qatar Royals Face Off Over Greek Island

    Posted 2011-09-19
    Last fall reports surfaced that legendary Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani had inked a deal to buy one of the world's most beautiful and expensive private islands – Skorpios in Greece. In snagging the property, said to be worth about $190 m...
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    El Boura: Stunning Moroccan looks on James

    Posted 2011-09-09
    Feeling the fall creeping up on you? If you, like us, have the misfortune of being located in a part of the world where the threat of it turning into a winter wonderland constantly is lurking around the corner, planning a quick vacation before ine...
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    Experience the Rugby World Cup - in style

    Posted 2011-08-28
    Watching our favourite full contact Commonwealth pastime is a terrific excuse for seeing grown men bash their skulls together in a thoroughly entertaining manner while enjoying a nice and sunny day. What more can you ask? The upcoming Rugby World ...
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    The greatest view in New York on James

    Posted 2011-07-13
    As far as inner city views go, you can do a lot worse than overlooking Central Park. In fact, we can't come up with a more iconic sight to wake up to every morning, and it's not like the location is going out of style. Something to consider if one...
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    Katharine Hepburn's mansion for sale on James

    Posted 2011-06-23
    Whenever a house owned by a real legend turns up on JamesList, we get that special tingly feeling. How much sweeter can things be, should it happen to be the lifelong home to a four-time Oscar winner (and an additional eight nominations)? Katharin...