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    Tiger Woods' ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, is selling her megamansion in Florida!

    Posted 2018-03-28
    The Swedish model and former wife of the Golf champion Tiger Woods put her house for $ 49,500,000 on the market. This property is a true sensation, it takes full advantage of its oceanfront location, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoor ...
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    Eva Longoria lists her Hollywood dream home for $3.795 million!

    Posted 2018-03-21
    The pregnant Desperate Housewives starlet is selling her Los Angeles home for $ 3.795 million. This dream house offers 6 large bedrooms, which all come with a private bathroom and fireplace. The 8603 sqft house has an open floor plan with a big li...
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    Luxury Living in Mumbai

    Posted 2018-03-19
    Mumbai - The financial capital of India, home to more than 18 million inhabitants and Bollywood starlets. It is the luxury capital of the country, not only for luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Ferrari but also when it comes to luxury pr...
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    Hong Kong's most exclusive neighbourhoods

    Posted 2018-03-06
    Hong Kong is one of the most important cities for the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and with 72 billionaires just as important for the luxury real estate market as New York City. Where do these billionaires live and which are the most exclusive...
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    The best garages on JamesEdition

    Posted 2018-03-02
    Normally when you are a car enthusiast you own more than one supercar. But then there’s the next step, you can not leave those beauties standing around. So you need to have a nice space where to but these gems. This brings us, to this list. The fo...
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    The world's most expensive zip codes

    Posted 2018-02-22
    Every city has its best neighborhoods, where everyone wants to live. Most of the time it is the historical center, the financial district or the wealthy suburb. The following neighborhoods are the top of the top areas from all around the world, w...
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    Bitcoins gain ground, buy now luxury apartments with your assets

    Posted 2018-02-13
    Source: astonplazacrypto.com Two entrepreneurs from the UK decided to offer 150 apartment of their luxury real estate development in Dubai for sale in Bitcoins.This idea received an overwhelming response and 50 luxury apartments have been alrea...
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    Realty World Forum, Vienna 12-14 April 2018

    Posted 2018-01-19
    We proudly present our new partner the Realty World Forum!The Realty World Forum combines a premium high-level exhibition with a professional conference and memorable events into a 2-day concentrated Realty business extravaganza in the beautiful c...
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    Aspen - The luxury sky resort in US

    Posted 2018-01-15
    We are getting deeper into the 2017-2018 winter season and on JamesEdition we want to continue matching two of our passions: real estate and skiing. As seen in our first winter edition article "Verbier - Luxury Skiing in the Alps" here at JamesEdi...
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    Verbier - Luxury Skiing in the Alps

    Posted 2017-12-19
    The skiing season has just started and it is quite hard to settle for only one winter hotspot per season. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to a whole selection of our favorite skiing spots around the globe!This selection would be incomple...