We proudly present our new partner the Realty World Forum!
The Realty World Forum combines a premium high-level exhibition with a professional conference and memorable events into a 2-day concentrated Realty business extravaganza in the beautiful city Vienna.


What are the advantages of the Realty World Forum?

• High-level B2C Realty Exhibition with specially invited visitors
• Professional B2B Conference for Real Estate Professionals
• A major business networking opportunity
• A spectacular event to remember in Vienna

The two-day Realty Salon is a distinctive boutique-approach event providing a dignified occasion to promote realty and developments in a style that complements your presentations.
Invited guests will include professionals, wealth advisors and individual investors, all with a common theme of researching luxury real estate and investment opportunities around the world.

The high-level conference is a specialized one-day concentrated forum specifically designed for professionals to gain further insight into investment opportunities. This year’s primary theme is Central and Eastern Europe.

The Realty World Forum Conference is complemented by intimate single-company presentations in private facilities, providing a specific opportunity for partners to present developments or opportunities to a highly targeted audience.

Please contact for more information.

Learn more about the Realty Word Forum!

Realty World Forum

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