From Wednesday, August 8th to Saturday, August 11th a group of car owners and car enthusiasts took part in one of the most exclusive car rallies in Europe. While usually spotting a super or even a hyper car in Germany is extremely rare, it was easily possible that weekend. In total 40 cars with a combined value of over 20 million euros participated in this years Rallye Germania.
 Photo: Rallye Germania
The night before the official start of the rally on the 9th all cars met at the hotel in Bergisch-Gladbach to meet each other and have a welcome dinner together in the hotel’s facilities.
At 9.30am on Wednesday, the cars rolled off for their first orientation run to the lunch location in Bad Ems. It is only 140km away but as usual for car rallies, they did not take the quickest route since you surely want to enjoy some time in the car. Arrival at the lunch location was at 12.30pm.
Photos: Christian Kopmann/Roadtoys
After lunch, the participants drove over to the next hotel to have a 5 pm tea before heading to their sleeping destination in a hotel right by the race circuit in Spa Francorchamps. 
Unfortunately, the next day was windy and partly rainy so the conditions were rather disadvantageous for a track day. Anyways a lot of cars went on track and the day was great fun for all participants and also all those who were just there to watch their dream cars race.
 Photos: Christian Kopmann/Roadtoys
After the track day, the rally went on with the second orientation run to the hotel for the night in Bonn.
Saturday morning at 8.30am the last orientation run towards the Nürburgring started and with it the final day of the rally.
With even worse weather than the day before the track day started at 10 am. Also this day the drivers did not mind the rain and did their best on the track so it ended up being an extremely fun day on the track.
 Photos: Christian Kopmann/Roadtoys
At the end of the day, there was a big barbecue in the F1 paddock at the Nürburgring with the presentation ceremony and the official after rally party with a total of 100 guests. 
The whole event was organized and hosted by Premium Automotive Concepts Essert and we are looking forward to next time.