Private sky

Posted 2017-02-20 in /stories

Normally when flying out, there is always stress involved. The plane has delay or the times when the flights are going doesn’t fit your schedule. We have a solution for that. An own aircraft prevents all those annoying surroundings, as you can fly out any time to any destination.

Privet jets are the embodiment of luxury travels. You decide when, where and who is going on the plane. Of course it depends what kind of aircraft you own, but nothing gives you more the feeling of being independent than your own aircraft. Up next we will show you four of our privet jets, which are all listed with JamesEdition:

2005 Learjet

This 2005 Learjet is a midsize jet and can transport up to 8 passengers. The seats are in flue leather and will assure you a comfortable journey to your destination. Furthermore this jet also provides a small lavatory where you can refresh yourself before landing, with a hot coffee dispenser and a microwave oven being provided this jet will meet your needs even in 10,000 feet. For more information, click here. This magnificent aircraft has a listed price $2,600,000 and is offered by The Private Jet Company. 

If this jet is too small for your flights, we can give you a bigger solution with the following jet.

2012 Falcon 7X

If your planning to fly out with your family and friends, the Falcon 7X might be the perfect fit. With having room for 12 guests, you can already start planning your next big flight, as this heavy size aircraft has no struggle in transporting so many passengers.The interior is hold in dark wood and light leather seats, which are giving the aircraft a cozy and homecoming feeling. This massive private jet has its Price On Request and is listed by Flight Source International. More information can be found here.

If you still think those two aircrafts are nice but more space would be better, the next private jet belongs in the super heavy category.

Boeing Super 27 

This Boeing Super 27 is one oft the finest aircrafts you can purchase. With a lot of space and also offering a bedroom, this airplane leaves no wishes open. Offering generous cushion seats, there will be no more confortable way to travel than with this aircraft. Moreover than the exquisite interior this flying beast offers also a shower to provide you to have a fresh start at your destination. More information is required here. The aircraft is listed by Equus Global Aviation and it’s price is on request.
If all of those planes are too big for your occasions we of course also have a solution for that, the last aircraft is a such called light size.
2002 Citation CJ1
The last private jet we would like to introduce to you is this 2002 Citation CJ1, which is a light size aircraft. Only having room for 4 guests, you have to make up your mind who will fly out with you. The seats are made out of Cappuccino Townsend leather and the light interior are not giving you the feeling of being a small plane. Also with only 1600 hours since new, this plane is close to new. If you are interested, more information can be found here. This aircraft has a listed price $ 2,190,000 and is offered by The Private Jet Company.
Starting a trip, whether it’s private or professional should never involve stress or delays, we hope we gave you the right options to prevent those issues and maybe we will see you on the runway to your private aircraft. JamesEdition whishes a pleasant flight.
By Frederike Müller-Elsner