While top rated resorts and hotels offer a variety of services and getaways to impress even the most discerning clientele, there is no better way to escape the rigors and stresses of daily life then to cut off from the outside world while still receiving the lavish service from the pinnacle of all resorts; the private island experience.

There are thousands of small islands in waters around the world, but a select few have opted to cater to the most discriminating travelers who seek a rarified and yet perfect world of quiet and relaxed luxury.  Here are five of the world’s top private islands where your vacation is assured to be an exceptional guest experience.

Jumby Bay
Accessible only by boat from Antigua, this caribbean hideaway owned by Rosewood Resorts is a hallmarked haven for soul-soothing relaxation and spirited adventure. While you retain the option of buying out the island resort or simply renting a room, for those who want exclusive use of the island, you get uninhibited access to the resort’s two pools, three tennis courts, fitness center, croquet field and putting green, as well as wide array of water sports in the glimmering blue Caribbean sea. Focused on custom tailored itineraries, guests can partake is as much adventure or relaxation as they want during their stay. Ideal for large family reunions or even corporate retreats, there are a total of 40 guest rooms and suites available on the island, where Executive Chef Sylvain Hervochon celebrates gastronomy and mixology with casual elegance, creating signature Caribbean-style dishes inspired by fresh local ingredients and international influences.




Rates start at $250,000USD (182,000EUR) for four nights based on double occupancy between the months of May and December. 

Laucala Island
At 3,500 acres, the private island of Laucala in the South Pacific is a picturesque setting of rainforest-laced landscapes and enchanting deserted beaches nestled amongst coconut plantations, organic farms and lush-green volcanic mountains. A new level of refined luxury is appreciated through Laucala’s most ethereal side in an iridescent kaleidoscope of sporting and cultural activities. Diving with marine life in the warm turquoise waters, guided rain forest tours, horseback riding, surfing and golfing on the 18-hole championship course, whether you opt for an adventure in the wild or simply relax at one of Laucala’s five restaurants and bars, Laucala Island is a superb choice for your next escape from civilization.




Rates available upon request. 

Pulau Joyo
Taking a page out of Robinson Crusoe, Pulau Joyo is a seductively serene environment of pristine beaches surrounded by clear blue sea in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. Accessible from Singapore or Bintan, Pulau Joyo is a true castaway island offering every resort luxury in its untouched terrain of natural beauty. With 20 staff members ready to cater to your every whim, Pulau Joyo is famous for its remarkable sunsets and brightly star-lit sky. Capable of hosting 28 guests, you and your companions will stay in open driftwood palaces that bring the sea breeze in. Despite its Survivor-style appeal, the island is outfitted with every modern convenience offering a number of adrenaline boosting activities to relaxing spa treatments and massages. Focusing on Western and Indonesian-style dishes, meals are usually served buffet style featuring a selection of grilled fish, squid, prawns, beef and chicken as well as all types of curries. Side dishes include fresh garden salads, pasta salads, boiled/steamed leafy greens and grilled aubergine/egg plant (an island favourite). Prawn and tofu kebabs appear from time-to-time as do satay sticks. In addition, the chef will often provide a selection of freshly picked fruit and home-made cakes for dessert. It should also be noted that since Pulau Joyo is a privately owned island, the management will not serve pork or shellfish. While Pulau Joyo isn’t as refined as some of the other islands in our list, it’s an excellent choice for those wanting a more casual and laid back island experience replicating a castaway experience like none other .




Rates start at 4000SGD (3200USD / 2350EUR) per night. 

Dolphin Island
A Fiji island that can only be described as paradise, Dolphin Island is 14-acres of lush tropical gardens where you and up to eight guests will be swept off your feet by an army of staff eager to meet your requests. Upon arriving by boat, helicopter or float plane, you’ll immediately be enveloped by the beauty and luxurious accommodation that awaits. Three traditional palm-thatched bures, individually designed by world renowned decorator Virginia Fisher, sit elevated amongst free flowing rain showers which surround the islands infinity pool. For meals, guests are brought fresh tropical fish to choose from each day , cooked to perfection within hours of leaving the water. With a focus on organic produce and ingredients unique to Fijian cuisine, all meals are tailored to your personal tastes while papayas, mangoes, bananas and pineapples are abound throughout the day. When it comes to recreation, the 14-acred island serves as an expansive and limitless playground offering a wide range of water sports and diving opportunities in the warm corral reefs of Fiji.




Rates start at 1500NZ (1200USD / 890EUR) per night. 

Necker Island
The private residence of Sir Richard Branson, Necker Island has been a popular tourist destination for some of the worlds most prominent figures. Staying as a guest in his personal home, Necker Island is a hideaway from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Because Necker Island is a residence and not a resort, guests who rent the island are treated as owners and catered for in a way that is simply unprecedented. At 74-acres, Necker is lounged in turquoise waters surrounded by coral reefs and fringed with beautiful white sandy beaches. Boasting every resort-influenced amenity imaginable, guests can spend their days being pampered in the spa, exploring the underwater reefs by submarine, or simply lounging by the pool bar in the warm waters of one of the world’s most elaborate private swimming pools. Haute cuisine is the highlight for most guests who stay at Necker Island and the rates are fully inclusive of all food and beverages. A team of chefs create bespoke menus handpicked by the guests where anything from lobster and caviar to a Sunday roast is available. Unlike some other private islands, because Necker is a home first and a resort second, guests can choose whether dining will be formal or informal, inside or outside, themed or traditional. The staff at Necker constantly update and stock the bars full of international wines, top quality spirits, international beers and their world renowned house champagne. For guests with the most discerning tastes, special orders can be shipped in with notice and there is generally no extra charge unless the item is particularly rare. At Necker Island everything is done on “island time” and every service and amenity is available around the clock. Guests are encouraged to treat Necker like their own home, therefore they are welcome to help themselves to anything they want, any time, day or night.




Rates start at $62,000USD (45500EUR) per night. 

By J.A. Shapira for JamesEdition

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Five Top Private Island Retreats

Five Top Private Island Retreats

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