Posted 2011-11-27 in Motorcycle

Wazuma V8F: Ferrari-powered madness on James (video inside)

Trikes turn up on our radar from time to time, ranging from quirky and interesting to simple novelty items. Lazareth, who made an appearance in our November newsletter with their insane custom piece for Babylon A.D., spared no expenses when they put the Wazuma V8F - a beast somewhere between a trike and a quad - together.

The one-off vehicle, based on the Wazuma R1, is powered by a 3.0l V8 signed Ferrari, with an output of no less that 250 hp (which isn't too shabby considering its 650 kg weight). This engine incorporates the injection system of two sport bike engines and is electronically controlled by a Sybelle system. All the engine management can be modified and monitored with a computer. The 6-speed gearbox comes from a BMW M3 and is controlled from the handlebars. Did we mention how crazy it looks?

You're looking at €200,000.