Posted 2011-11-18 in Motorcycle

Steve McQueen Style: Husqvarna Concept MOAB

Back in March we reported that Steve McQueen’s Husqvarna motorcycle was being auctioned off in California. Now the Swedish motorcross brand, currently owned by BMW, has come out with a new concept in homage to McQueen’s bike, which he was pictured riding on the cover of the August 23, 1971 issue of Sports Illustrated. Dubbed the Concept MOAB, the bike was just unveiled at the EICMA 2011 show in Milan. Husqvarna calls the original “scramblers” as they were known “legendary bikes that are milestones in the history of off-road biking, especially in the U.S.” The name MOAB refers to Moab, Utah, a desert landscape beloved of motocross enthusiasts.

As with McQueen’s machine, which replaced the Triumph as his favorite dirt bike, the vintage-style moto features a red tank, large black saddle, yellow and chrome details and a simple, stripped-down frame. The MOAB features a 650cc engine in a perimeter frame, and progressive linkage on the swingarm. Of corse McQueen’s never had  a digital instrument panel or LED lights. Let’s hope this one makes it into production though; we’re sure the King of Cool would have loved it.