Posted 2009-05-04 in /stories

Look At Classics!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speziale

When did you last look at a classic car and thought that it was just what you needed in your garage? If you take more than a millisecond to answer that, then you seriously need to switch priorities. Having more than one car provides an endless array of options in terms of what type of classic to opt for, style, price range, whether it'll be an investment or perhaps even a restoration object. A serious inquiry into the world of classics will render you with a taste for more, but also, and this is really important for some people, a return on your investment.

A well placed purchase, sparsely used and immaculately maintained will give you back what you paid for it. Let me know what new car can do that for you and I'll prove you wrong. There is always an occasion to use a classic. Take one around town and you will find it attracts more attention than any new Lambo or Porsche. It can also become an investment. If you have enough money you can quickly secure your future by looking at certain object which will become very valuable in the future. Bonhams, Coys or RM Auctions have seen the interest grow during the last years and prices never cease to amaze. But like with all things, it's important to buy smart and sell smarter, if you're only in it for the money and not the ride.