"The Eye of Metatron", canvas painting, mixed media (€55,000), Donna McCain
Donna McCain
Donna McCain
“I am an artist of Inner Seeing“.

While the world rushes on by, painter Donna McCain creates enchanting (and luxurious) artworks that encourage inward contemplation and focus on higher aspects of life using plated gold, citrine, ruby and rhodizite.

In our story Donna talked about how abstract art can be combined with luxury interior desings, and about her latest paintings, “Zadkiel” and “The Eye of Metatron”.

Donna, what is your artistic background?

I’m an American who was born in Germany, and I have always considered both countries, the USA and Germany, my homes. At a young age, my talent for the arts was discovered by my mother who was a professional pianist. Also, my art teacher in school found me to be a natural talent and encouraged me to make more of my creative side. When I was 17, I sadly lost my mother and this heavy blow made me determined to seek out the profession as an artist and shortly thereafter I enrolled in art school in Munich.

I have done a lot of traveling between Germany and the US. This helped my career, because I could get into the art scene of New York, Boston, Las Vegas and Seattle. Through contact with a friend I also have lots to do in Austria and created commissioned work for many clients including the Austrian State. Today I also have a music career that I successfully pursue. Generally, I am a workaholic when it comes to art or music projects.

Why did you choose Metatron as an inspiration for your art works?

Thanks to my grandmother, who was schooled in the healing craft of magnetism, she brought the world of spirituality close to me. Angels and archangels, found in the three major world religions of the West, also played a big role in my family’s beliefs. To me, angels are celestial helpers who support humans on their journey to enlightenment.

But no matter if you believe in angels or not; archangels, and specifically Metatron, to me are the archetype of all the positive qualities that make us human.  Metatron stands for true enlightenment and to be in control of your thoughts and feelings. Your inner thoughts form your fate and personality. Focusing on the positive side and to love your neighbor should ultimately be the goal of the human race and will make this earth a better place to live.

What techniques did you use when creating Zadkiel and The Eye of Metatron? And which materials (and which gems exactly) did you use?

Over the years I developed a special technique painting my artworks, which encompasses a variety of materials. I use acrylic paint, plasticine and resin in order to create 3D structures. And of course a lot of gemstones find their ways into the artworks.

For the artwork Eye of Metatron I used plated gold, citrine, amber, herkimer diamond, pyrite, rhodizite and ruby. Zadkiel has amethyst as the main stone but also sugilite and clear rock crystal were used.

One more question about Zadkiel and The Eye of Metatron: why purple and gold? Is there symbolism behind these colors?

Each archangel has a distinct tone of color. For Metatron, gold means perfection, manifestation of will, wealth in all aspects and reaching your full potential.

The color purple of Zadkiel stands for transformation of negative into positive, the alchemical process of turning lead into gold and the refinement of character. Every color has its meaning and power and helps to express the energy of the artwork.

Are your artworks limited to a single edition or can you recreate it on a client’s request, say, in a different, bigger size, for example? 

Every artwork is unique and I cannot recreate it to look exactly like the original. But often I do multiple version of the same theme as with Metatron.

I usually stay in the standard format when painting on canvas. But I also had a lot of commissioned work and have had many special requests from customers. For me, it is no problem to work on a bigger scale. I love to create art and if somebody wanted me to paint in the magnitude of the Sistine Chapel for instance I would do it without a second thought.

Many online users search for “abstract wall art for sale” on Google. Why is abstract art so popular in wall decoration?

Art is all about connection. The artwork is the medium that brings artist and observer together. Looking at an artwork is like looking into the soul of the artist. All the feelings, thoughts, emotions and intent flow from one mind to the other.

So abstract art is a way to feel a connection to something more meaningful than the singularity of yourself. It is sort of like a bond between you and the collective of all experience in the universe. Especially today, where we are under more and more stress and the pressure of competition is draining us, people use art as a way of escape the daily routine and to connect to a higher power.

Who are your buyers?

People from every corner of the world. The most recent sale went to Dubai, to a private collector. Before the internet was a thing, buyers mainly came from exhibitions in Germany, Austria and the USA. But today the world has become a lot smaller.

Considering the price of my artworks, the clients come from the upper class. Often it is entrepreneurs and businessmen who are very interested in my art.

I think the more you are stressed and caught up in this fast-moving world the more the desire to turn inward and contemplate in order to achieve peace of mind. My art gives you the opportunity to get into a different headspace and to focus on the higher aspects of life that lie way beyond our daily life.

In your view as an artist, what kind of interiors are best suited for your paintings? 

From experience, I know that my works look best when they have space to breathe. Large living rooms, spacious bedrooms, halls or meeting rooms that give the artwork the proper expanse are suited best. Typically, my artworks are bought for decoration in mansions, penthouses or vacation homes.

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