Tomorrow, June 20, the gates of Royal Ascot will open to visitors, trainers, jockeys and horses alike. Much anticipated, the five days from Tuesday to Saturday are made for socialising. Royal Ascot has long been referenced all over the globe as an event of not only horse racing but also the most exquisite fashion and style.

As a matter of fact, there is a full style guide issued by the race administration, which you can find online here.

Apart from hats of all kinds and makes, the ladies at Royal Ascot like accessorize with precious jewelry.
Keep reading to learn more about a typical race day as well as the history and facts of Royal Ascot, all complimented by our 4 top picks from jewelry currently available on JamesEdition.

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A day at Royal Ascot typically starts quite early. When the gates open at 10:30am, visitors will have already spent quite some time getting ready. Studying the day’s form over a light breakfast is the perfect start to a successful day.

Since 1825, the race day is being opened by the Royal Procession. At 2:00pm, the Royals proceed on the so-called straight mile in a carriage led by four windsor greys.

From 2:30pm to 5:35pm, there are 6 top class flat races taking place each day, with prizes valued at a daily minimum of 1 million British Pounds. After the races, there is a varied entertainment program with live music across numerous stages and a post-racing barbeque in the Villiers Club.

The official end of the celebration is at 9pm, when the car park closes, but one should be prepared to keep on partying long after the sun goes down.

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While Royal Ascot seems to be a phrase well-known to almost everyone with the tiniest interest in luxury, the precise origins of the meeting are unclear. The event as we know it today only actually started with the introduction of the Gold Cup in 1807. Until 1939, Royal Ascot was the only race being held at Ascot.
The Gold Cup has remained at the heart of the Royal Ascot meeting and traditionally takes place on the third day. It is the busiest of the 5 days and sometimes also being referred to as “Ladies’ Day”.

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To give you an idea of the dimension of Royal Ascot, here is a few numbers for the 5 days:

Racegoers consume a total of 51,000 bottles of champagne, 131,000 pints of beer and 42,000 bottles of wine along with 5,000 kilos of salmon, 2,900 lobsters and 2,400 kilos of beef sirloin.
To satisfy their sweet cravings, there are 50,000 macarons and 30,000 chocolate éclairs as well as 1,000 kilos of Cornish clotted cream, an especially heavy sort of whipped cream.

Royal Ascot is Britain’s most popular race meeting, welcoming around 300,000 visitors in total. Visitors arrive in 400 helicopters and 1,000 limos each year and the event is viewed in over 200 countries.

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If we got you inspired, there’s still a chance to get yourself a ticket for each day – except Saturday.

By Vanessa Löffler

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