Sometimes, trends are created overnight. But there is also extensive research happening in order to be able to predict what is going to be ‘in fashion’ during the upcoming seasons, providing jewelers, buyers and consumers with valuable insight.
For 2017 and 2018, Trendvision – a renowned research centre – has identified 5 essential consumer trends and the corresponding keywords, materials and styles that translate these trends into pieces of jewelry. You can check out their site here.

As we don’t want you to miss out on any of these trends, we’ve selected corresponding jewelry currently for sale on JamesEdition for each one of them. Keep reading to see our curation…

$32,100 – available on JamesEdition

The first trend can be identified as “Neutralia”, whereas the consumer that succumbs to this is called “Gender Neutralist”.
This bracelet by Valentin Magro New York is an example for the fluid & flexible style, where shapes are functional with open silhouettes and swirling lines.
Another style for “Neutralia” is sleek sophistication with clean silhouettes and minimum geometry as well as open space, gemstones and pearls. Check out this ring to see the look.

$36,950 – available on JamesEdition

The second trend called “Past Reference” speaks to a consumer that can be described as “Midult”. This hand-carved brooch is a perfect example for the fauvist fantasy style that includes flowers, colors, romance and petals.
“Past Reference” also entails a style best described as ancient history with animal motifs, filigree and amulets as well as historical and royal flair. Check out this bracelet if you feel like you might be a “Midult”.

$6,825 – available on JamesEdition

This bracelet by Roberto Coin is an example for soul system, a style that’s part of the “Ethnical Vision” trend, which is most appealing to “Ethnical Modernist” consumers. The style is colorful, funky and fun.
Rustic refinement is the other style for this trend, with textures, shades of brown, nature inspired rough surfaces and earthy atmosphere. Check out these earrings to see the look.

$1,295 – available on JamesEdition

Another consumer type is referred to as “Retro Futurist”. Although this might sound like an oxymoron at first, it perfectly fits with a trend called “Parallel Realities”. This diamond band ring embodies characteristics such as networked lines, gemstone pavé and diamonds that can be summed up under the style coding. The second style that represents “Parallel Realities” can be referred to as constellation collective and features clusters, fancy shapes, baguettes, ovals and understated glamour. If you like what you’re reading, take a look at this ring (945219).

$1,995 – available on JamesEdition

Although often overlooked, men do have a significance in the jewelry industry. “The New Man” follows a trend called “Masculinity Unmasked”, where rugged beauty and globaliser are key styles. These cufflinks are an example for elements like symbols, historical references and exotic touch. If characteristics such as industrial, unisex flair, clean silhouettes and bold minimalism sound appealing to you, check out this ring.

by Vanessa Loeffler

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