Golden Times at Top Marques 2017

Posted 2017-04-28 in Jewelry

The most exclusive show in Europe took place from the 20th April to the 23rd of April. Many exclusive and extraordinaire objects have been released. In the following text, we would like to introduce you to the most outstanding jewelry items of the Top Marques 2017:

Volund represents aesthetic, harmony, history and fine craftsmanship. Volund jewelry draws inspiration for its pieces from the myths and legends of ancient Europe. It also revitalizes forgotten jewelry techniques from the old masters. In the modern world accustomed to instant results and mass production, Volund takes the time to produce each piece, yielding timeless results.
Each jewelry items tells a story and keeps for its owner a special secret. The lion collection is based on the symbolic meaning of the "King of the Animals" in all the ancient cultures.
We present two pieces of this collection: 
A proud lion stands upon a crescent, while a star shines brightly above. In classical astrology, the lion is the symbol of the Sun. It is in close relationship to the moon – influencing her motion and providing her with brilliance. In turn, the moon exercises her influence upon the earth, and especially the oceans, represented by Japanese Akoya pearls. Above the sun are the fixed stars – crafted in platinum. A crescent of gold blackened with ruthenium and set with diamonds underscores this connection. Altogether, a map of the cosmos hangs from the wearer’s ear.  
The crowning piece of Volund’s new collection, the lioness Pendant features a reclining huntress on the branch of a tree. Briolette sapphires hang off branches like fresh fruit and a natural yellow sapphire rises like a sun above the scene. Ribbons of gold and diamonds in the shape of a crown further accentuate the lioness’ repose and nobility. The beautiful workmanship and powerful lioness intertwine in this scene and inspire the wearer to contemplate the invisible connections between the worlds of man and nature.
Lieb Manufaktur does not produce jewelry but their unique items are made of solid gold and diamonds. The Lieb Manufaktur stands for excellent and innovative enjoyment. Selected materials are processed with a dedication to a product full of uniqueness and passion. Quality Made in Germany, perfection from Baden-Württemberg.
Another brand, which presented its one-of-a-kind items, is Elena Sivoldaeva. Every piece she creates is a unique piece of art. She tells a whole story with her jewelry and pays a lot of attention to the details. If you are looking for something outstanding, which is never found in a shop, you should take a look at her creations.